Saintfeather is crying In a corner...

As the title suggests,
For comparison we take onigeist,

His token counts as cannibalize token for dusciyon,
Can trigger one sleep revenge,
Heal its allies, and if left alone can single handedly sleep lock too,
Plus the Tu of soul summon by onigeist is 70 (although can’t be used if no ally dies )

Now onto saint
Tu for swapping for helper 160

Rudolph is not a token for dusciyon and has high Tu zealous attack and can be sitting duck coz you will leave it alone !!
Silent night sure is Okey but once it has done 2 dreamhunts, the upcoming reinforcements can pose a threat, and in this current meta, I don’t see it being such a success! Also it being cost 16 is absurd !!

@Dev_VKC you keep on denying that saint dosent need a buff, it is completely fine., but this time I strongly recommend you change your mind, it’s crying for a proper buff !!!

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Give rudolfonzo taunt and stun immunity or something similar

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Death revenge is not good imo, you just cannot have any value for it anymore!!
I know @NMEGaryOak will disagree with me but it needs to have some proper passive !!

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Giving them something that forces the enemy to kill it would be something too, like 150 sec dual bomb

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Yea, I agree!!! 200%

I hope it gets buffed before Christmas. Anything it does can be done better by other monsters.

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Saintfeather is a great UC monster.

GaryOak aka the Death Revenge Master

Just give it tranquilising entrance. Also change the ss to blowback.

I promise you that it’s not OP in the slightest…


Always these balance cries. 99% if those complaints are people that own legends like this and want to use it but they can’t. So what are proposing to do? Yes buff my monsters and in best case nerf all monsters I don’t own. I don’t know when this will stop.

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Give saint sleep immunity and than it’s perfect

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And 99% of comments like yours are people who don’t own the monster and are shaking lol is that sodium chloride i’m smelling?

I don’t own Saint and i still think he’s absolute garbage and needs a buff/rework


Yeah saint is garbage through and through. But so are many other mons. We have over 110 legends in game and atleast half are an absolute waste.
But on topic saint needs something to make him be viable for PvP.

Maybe a new passive like stun immune as suggested


Sometimes players who have and actually use the legends say that they are fine, while players who have but DONT know how to use the legends are the ones asking for buffs.

For example, Cosmo and Nebel are now way too powerful since their buff in my opinion. @Zardecil can vouch for this from our match this past pvp :joy:

GaryOak, the master of death revenge


Yeah nebel and Cosmo passive should not have been given



Hmm? I don’t remember you.

I placed rank 23 in the world in pvp. I have all DR monsters… I know exactly what I am talking about. So you can stop trying to tell me that DR isn’t a real strategy.


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Without playing day 1. Arguably the most important day to play.

Gotta keep battlelog screenshots as trophies of you most important victories.


Idk if you can see properly but there are other players in this thread who also feel the same way about saintfeather,
If you really hate the idea, then come up with proper explanation rather bitching about stuff.

I dont have him.

But he needs stun immunity or something cuz that limited legend aint :poop:.

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