Rise of the Hordes Discussion

I thought it would be nice just to have a permanent thread for each ongoing event so that we can keep all the discussion for each event neatly in one place. Here you can seek or share any stories/tips/tricks/information regarding the Rise of the Hordes event. It will remained locked until the event is announced, and I’ll relock it after it ends.

Open for discussion.


A double survivor of galliodragon leaves mossling with 10% hp while zapshell don’t die because HG, some monsters have their max stats while others don’t or it’s a bug?

Idea of 2 event that consum tickets at once isn’t good,devs have changed the last fight,which is good

Every attack has some slight damage variance. For example if you use a basic attack move on 4 identical enemies, you’ll see that each one takes a slightly different amount of damage. The more damage the move does, the more room there is for variance.

Did somebody clear Lv. 16 on Master yet? I’m having a HUGE issue with this level. The amount of monsters with death revenge is simply ridiculous. Without Aurora/Necro or any clone setup you simply can do anything here. I can’t beat this level with my current monsters available. It’s simply not possible.

I could understand this setup on “Extreme” but not on Master. Master is already hard with the fully flegded SE and LE monsters, so the amount of monsters are already enough but those plus death rage? No…

Hmmm not sure what monsters do you have or the team you are using but for DR best way I have found for it is monsters that regain it’s health as stormshadow gallio and many others or have Shiva and 3 hg monster and hp share,the last battle are there to be hard and a challenge

Have you played that level yourself yet? I mean it’s all understandable but if you simply don’t have these kind of monsters, you don’t stand a chance. Not because of the amount of monsters that you’re up against but in this case with the extra added “bonus” of death revenge from nearly everyone you’re facing. Health regain/hold ground is useless, if your monster isn’t up for the next turn and if there is poison. This level is not hard or a challenge, it’s simply unfair if you don’t have the right monsters to counter this, which shouldn’t be.

These are all LE monsters I have right now. There isn’t much I can change around for this level.


I used Lavamane to protect my non HG monsters from DR. Also killing multiple DRs simultaneously is what I recommend, because 2 of them might hit the same monster, and half their impact.

DarKsidE555, you have polaboss, so you should be able to beat it, although it will be difficult.  You essentially need to set up a team around him and you can pass it.  If you have all the SE protectors (3 of them should be sufficient), bitterbeast is good too for this for overwatch, HG and desperate bite.  At the start you essentially want to stun the 4 puffers into oblivion, this will take over half of your team up.  This give you opportunity to get polarboss charged up, by the time you actually have to face the other 3 puffs, you’ll be 1 shotting every monster that comes on to the field.  From here you just have to play it smart and do everything you can with your protectors to keep Polar alive.  Make sure you have purifier in your end game so he doesn’t die to a random DR + poison as well.  Polarboss should be accelerated by one of your stunners as well at some point so it should be 40s TU max, 35 TU if you have him potted.

All this said there is still probably a bit of luck involved if you don’t also have an HP share or pure cure on your team, so look at your monsters and see if you have one that can do that that you can also get accelerated while setting up.  I really hope this helps you and you can get that pot man! Take care.

I beat it a while ago so im not sure about the enemy setup… but arnt there 4 puff fished in their FL? And some rhynos later?

I cant remember all the DR in that team, but i remwmbwr alot of puffs and rhynos, so just kill them with poison - so it wont trigger the death revenge (good old poison vs hold ground)

And like ididntdoit said, yea - you can play on the safe side - stun into 800 tu and get your self a line of 4 monsters you want, which can kill 1 by 1 with low tu (try to accalrate), heal, stun protect, and control thr match.

Thanks for the tips people. I was stuck on my thinking there. I didn’t really consider stunning the puffs into oblivion and taking the others down one by one. This seems fairly doable. I’ll try it out and see what happens.

Well, that was quick…A little rebuild and now cleared lv. 16 master first try without any problems…I really have to consider ALL monsters for events like this. Thanks again for the tips! :slight_smile:

Winning Team:

Good job mate

And for a farther tip, while looking at your team, consider using more SE stun absorder protectors. I see your only stun protect is beaterbeast, and he is good, but every team need more absorders. Your dont want something to enter and stun you, it can cost the match. :slight_smile:

Usually at pve you need a line of 3 - 4 monsters that fit well together and can beat the match alone. All the other slots in your team need to support them. Usually my end team at pve is 4 protectors in a row, if 1 die - another comes in. All i really need is to protect my main monsters, while fully control the match (with stun / sleep / etc.

By looking at your team your start is great, oak + bear are GREAT together (using similar stuff my self). But consider putting after bitterbeast more stun absorders and protectors (even the epics). And btw the protect focus at the FL can be changed to an se absorder as well (he is great for accelarate but other then that you rather have a protector that cab absord stun). To accalarate i usually use the stun bursts 3 stars :slight_smile:

Well, the fun thing is…Bitterbeast is currently my only SE stun absorber, believe it or not. :unsure: I’m a bit hesitant to use a 4 star stun absorber in my line up. Especially in PvP. For the “late-game” I have a mons with stun immunity, so for me that “saves” a slot in this case. Works well for me so far in the champion cups (placing around 90-100), so that’s good enough for me. :slight_smile: Don’t really have the time/passion to grind higher than that. The top spots are for those who pimped their mons to the fullest and got more available for a better team.

Yeah, that really makes a difference. I’m still pretty new to the game but it’s quite nice actually. I consider it as an extreme version of chess (if you want to say it like that). It really makes you thinking about your turns/outcomes and so forth. Planning 4-5 steps ahead. I like it.

Well, this team was just for this level now, my other PvE and PvP teams looks totally different than this of course. Thanks again for the insights. :slight_smile:

Good job DarK, I’m glad you were able to beat it!

Thanks Ididndoit! (Simpsons much? ^^) Also just beat Extreme completely. Didn’t break a sweat with the new line-up for this event. Polaboss is a real monster in the hord event when let loose. Thanks again for pointing me towards him. I hadn’t really thought about building a team around him and taking enemies out one by one with a very low turn rate. :slight_smile: