--{Garcia's Game of Hordes}-- is ON!!

Hi buddies!

A brand new event featuring no boost(buff) enemy monsters is on now!

And the host is the nice guy we all knew about: C Francisco Garcia.

Come to online test your strength in this event and get a super powerful monster, Deathwarg as a reward!

Too many levels. I think 10 is enough.

Epic auto protectors have litle buffed… They survive PK from galvbane

This event looks like it will be interesting.

Like the battles alot,the rewards tho arent enough,15 gems in total for 80 battle agaisnt really hard teams,couple more gems and event would be perfect

Pls we want UC before Christmas pls pls pls


I like that event, good job devs 🖒

I can see atleast auto protect monsters has a buff… Please fix this.

Not only auto protectors but also normal protectors got buff.

Interesting event and great rewards. It’s a bit of a grind but it doesn’t take too many tickets and is over 11 days, so that seems about right. It’s good to see Garcia is giving out the auto-play option too :wink:

I’m glad to see I’m not the only one surprised at the defence of some protector monsters. I’m using double survivor to clear out a lot of these enemies and there are protector monsters not in their final form taking 2/3-3/4 of their health. I figured it must have been me mistaken because I’m so used to fighting them buffed I don’t know how tanky they are normally but all you are saying you have the same impression.

Any protector monsters? We didn’t see any so far.

Please let us know which stages and levels. If you remember which monsters, that would be even better.

Thank you very much! 

Not sure which level, but somewhere along the 2nd stage I encountered some buffed auto-protectors. The only one I specifically remember is the unevolved, 4-star fire element auto-protector(don’t remember his name).

Galvadillo is one of them

But this event still easy tbh

Also Chamel, expert levels 2-3. Should a Galvbane protector killer one shot him? If so, he’s buffed cause on both floors mine didn’t kill him in one blow.

Extreme level 15 is insane.
Like 55 monsters. :joy::joy:

Anyone completed expert level 16 yet? Struggling to get to the last 20 monsters.

I completed it with Shiva and Lunatic, . To win you need a way to deal with that death revenge army, Shiva +hg is the best way I think. And put some stun revengers with clone skill.

Too many legendaries especially death rwvenfgers and shockers in extreme lcl 15.way too difficukt without last bite
Any tips for beating extreme lvl 15 stuck since morning

If you mean 16 wiyh the talo army then its only doable with 400 sec bombs

suggestions pls ban DR units in horde challenge. last level 60 mobs with 10 DR units no joke. while we only can field 16 technically we are only left with 6 against 50 for the challenge.