Anybody on the forum who rolled him yet? I met one in pvp and I had a really hard time against it. I had a bloodthirsty ultimadragon, two give turners and serapheon, opponent had epics and boxjaws and a revenarc. I killed revenarc pretty easily, but failed a few times to finish the egg, resulting in having to defeat it 4 times in total.
He will be such a pain when coming in next to other strong legendairies.
BTW what are his moves?

There you go. Got this back in the IC :smiley:

I rolled him and have him ultra-evolved.  Still playing around with how to use him and support him.  But he has been great in the extreme battles on the Phoenix Challenge so far.

Is it possible it’s you I fought?
I had chrono with give turners, then assisted light with midas/ ultima/ serapheon.

Didn’t know about revenant strike and double bloodcrave anymore. Luckily I got rid of them soon enough everytime. But to get rid of the incoming egg, you really need to adjust your timings. That’s where I screwed up a little this time, letting him get back everytime. The egg has shield, so you need at least two attacks in 70 seconds.

Flarevern thinks otherwise :smiley:

autopoison counters him good. I rolled him and used in pvp, the marches went 22-4 before running into other nma members lol. sadly I cant use him anymore, but giving away that account (made a thread)

To start him up, you need a timestrike (or bronze); therefore, if leo is still there, rev basically will be sitting there ignored… Autopoison is his bane, but sometimes due to late poison effect bug, his shield might still be in effect for blocking the next immediate attack. He might be annoying if paired with doom. An interesting thing is he can be revived with atra & crypt to make something like this:


Though, I haven’t been able to replicate this in pvp.

I just think the recoil from its bloodcrave is too low. Basically the reflected damage is around 900 for two kills.

It will get a bit too OP soon.

What’s his speec


Not bad

So cannibalize a low cost stun revenger, timestrike with revenarchion, whoppa, double bloodcrave loaded. And if you kill him quickly, you fastly have to deal with his egg.
Another way to abuse cannibalize… Put deadchicken in the mix and you can deal with the stun absorber first.
Did I hear ‘broken’ again?

I would do this if I had zib. for now I’ll just stun flash with gallio and timestrike like that.

I don’t consider this broken, it’s a great strategy and like with all strategies, it has its counters.

Leo would stop it that strategy dead in its tracks. Other than that though it would be a tough opening as long as you have Leo or a stunabsober on your side to. I am getting sick of all these super fast monster though.