I believe some people got it in the draft event to use. It has double bloodcrave if I remember right

Yeah, that was me. The moveset is timestrike, double bloodcrave, and revenant strike, plus phoenix revenge, so when he dies, he spawns an egg that can hatch into another full health bird. He really is as insane as he sounds.

Wow, I want him. I wonder if he’ll be available soon.

The Devs said they were making changes to that group of mons so they replaced them with the group with tridrakan and the poison massacre. The Raven may never be released as he was during the draft event

They actually said that there were bugs with them, so they replaced them. Not that one was OP or anything.

Aw, seriously? This is one of my favourite asthetics aside from Emeraldus (which I have <3). I wish I could have at least got the chance to use him.

Oh and the egg had shield entrance, so you couldnt kill it with the first attack. Reven was simply awesome

I think im going to save my gems for when they come!!

The bug they had to fix was them being too OP, so they may not have the same skill set when they are released. Hope they are still good though

Well he looks kind of cool… 

Damn I want him…

I want him… :heart_eyes: