Restricting Duplicates

I’ve decided to create a poll to see what people think on the idea of restricting the duplicates. 

My arguments for this:

  1. Allowing a cap on duplicates would level the playing field more than it is currently. Egg timers who have 50 Frillzeon (or some other type) won’t be able to use all of those in missions, for example. The same applies to people who use way too many Omegawyrms, or monsters they timed from mission eggs, or people who use tons of the same type with an ocarina.

  2. A cap on duplicates would allow fair competition in the infinite dungeon - some people can’t compete with people with many duplicates, and some don’t wish to play this way. 

For the somewhat heated discussion about this, see this topic. It shows both sides of the argument.

my vote is 3 personally,  i understand where it is coming from but personally i like having 3 sanctolambs to offer them up, and 3 barricadus to just randomly block damage. definitely not more, maybe even a Star Limit on Arkadians that you could have more than 2 of but that is my opinion . 

Good move on setting up a poll. We have both expressed our thoughts, but yes none of us can represent the community and let’s see what they think. Although I think your dramatic example of 50 Frillzeons will cause biased results.

To get a fair result, I think none of us should express our opinions here. Let’s just hear what the community says.

ashley, if you could put another options to separate between the OM and ID regarding duplication

Very well.

Personally, I’m of the mindset infinite dungeon is hard enough as is, so limiting duplicates would be a pain in the butt but I do agree for the limit on the online mission

I’ve edited the poll, please re-vote if your vote doesn’t fit the poll anymore. I had to take out the specific number, to avoid having too many options. Post that in a response. 

I like the poll idea :) 

Agree with Deadpool.

But honestly don’t care either way. Whatever floor other people are on ID doesn’t affect me at all.

OM however, sure.

Do remember that the infinite dungeon is supposed to be really hard. 

For those saying that it should be limited in both online and infinite, may I ask why you want the duplicates limited in the infinite?

I would also like to point out that Ashley as an example for the change doesn’t count because she’s been at the dungeon for MONTHS

Well it should be limited so that all players get a fair chance at competing for the top spot. Currently it’s hardly possible to compete against egg timers with the huge Frillzeon armies. Also because it makes the infinite dungeon easier than it should be.

So either restrict duplicates in it, or make it harder. But if you make it harder, it’s still unfair for those who don’t have the massive Frillzeon armies. 

The fact people blew past me and got well over floor 1,000 way faster than I could even with unreleased monsters says something as well. With all my unreleased monsters, people can still make it look far easier than it does for me. Is that okay?

I don’t know if that is… 

Wait, people blew past you?

No way

EDIT: alright, as per usual, Gamecenter sucks and won’t let me see it at all but this does put emphasis on how much of a problem egg timing is

Yes way, because some people did find some strategy around it to get down the ID… Not cheating in any way.

That’s the point of having different ocarinas & different movesets.

This game shows that instead of using all 11 star arks to tackle ID, there are ways you can tackle it with less than 10 star arks.

It’s not strategy, it’s using a giant team of Frillzeons with a fire ocarina. They’ll try to tell you otherwise but to everyone reading: that’s what it is. I’ve seen it.

Have you used it though? As I have and this alone won’t take you that far. Remember Destructor has dragon bane AoE that literally killed 3 of them in hit. Now if each gets 2 BA’s & there are 2 destructors… That’s 12 of them gone in 1 turn. & that still doesn’t kill the boss. Now another round of dragon banes & another 12 die.

Where I am now, there are 70+ floors before the next waypoint & even if I avoid boss, I will still have to fight about 3-5 of them out of 7. So let you calculate how many Frillzeons you need to bring, if you solely rely on this.

Not everyone has 50 frillz like what you claimed. I have WAY less than this.

I for one used more variety of arks too to tackle ID.

Again, you either avoid the bosses or you kill them and start over. Then they’re permanently gone and not in the way. 

And I’m sure you all use some others as well, but the Frillzeons are what are powering it. They’re what make it so easy. They’re the issue. 

Techinicallly frillzeon hoarding with a fire ocarina is a strategy albiet a very simple one. My view on duplicates though, I really dont care whether the devs decide to make a limit. I’m of those people who uses three frillzeons and just army flame my way through the mobs. If the devs choose to limit duplicates, fine I’ll use other arks. If they don’t limit duplicates, fine I’ll keep using frillzeons because they work for me right now.

Edit: Before I’m accused of hoarding 50 something frillzeons I just wanna say I only have 6 of them. I use other arks to diversify my team as well.

I should re-phase: that’s not a strategy worth actually calling a strategy, even though it “technically” is. 

And yes, it works. It works too well. And that would be fine if everyone had equal access to it, but they don’t. It’s very unfair for people who don’t have access to it.

(And if everyone did, how boring would the game be anyway? Everyone using all Frillzeons shows there’s an issue…)

Again, though, as much as you want to avoid it. You will still see it at least half of the time & where I am now, before the next waypoint, I will always have to fight 3-5 of these bosses.

It’s easiER not easy in any way.

& other people also use other strategy, example Zombie which I believe is on 3rd spot relies on dark ocarina.

Ya true, how boring is that if everyone has unreleased arks & use them for ID before anyone does. It’s very fair huh?