Remove/limit pvp turn skipping

Just getting ridiculous :joy::joy:

Especially for time strikers and last biters and desperate attackers.

I think they should make skip 50sec because ive experience players using skip on their desperate attackers…

You do realize that they can just use a low sec move instead (such as purify for the case of the desperate strikers) and it’ll still have the same effect right? 

not every monster has purify and not much monster have low sec moves unless they have at least +5 bonus with accelerate buff. The other low sec moves i can think of is poison touch/dual touch, sleep/potent sleep,  and ofc last stand and bite. The rest moves are normally 100+ without bonus and accelerate. 

So far from PVP i havent seen no one use accelerate team except myself. 

even if you have just a +1 buff that’s usually enough. I’ve been using stealth and timestrike to pass time, or in complete deadlock cases sudden death.

Skip shld be limited to 3 times per monster then a debuff of 120 secs.

Very time consuming and irritating is opponent keep skipping.

If both keep doing that then the pvp goes on.

Perhaps skip turn should have a “cumulative” cost until another move is used. For example consider the sequence:
God feather (GF) vs Stegospike (SS)

GF (skip: cost 1 TU) SS (skip: cost 1 TU), GF (skip: cost 10 TU) SS (skip: cost 10 TU), GF (skip cost 20 TU) etc…

Or simply make “skip turn” a 50-100 TU cost. Or even make each monster have their own skip turn cost as if it were one of their own moves (it is actually).

Just a few thoughts…