🍋 Lemon’s guide to turn skipping 💥

Hi guys. Back in November I made a mini PvP guide aimed at getting players to their next level. Eg from top 50 to top 25. The response was really positive. If you want to check it out you can find it here.

I’ve made another guide purely on skipping. Here you go.

Skipping is a massive part of the game but I see it used badly so often. So here’s a quick guide on good skipping and bad skipping.

  1. I’ll start with the obvious one. Players who skip their turn hoping their opponent will let them. Example: you have an uncharged retribution monster. The next monster in the turn order is your opponent’s and 50TU away. I see so many players try and skip, hoping their opponent will just attack and then charge the retribution. In high level play, this is not going to happen. You skip, they skip back, and now rather than being 50TU behind that monster, you’re 100TU behind because you gave up an additional 50TU with the skip. For no reason. BAD.

  2. Entrance control. Scenario. It is your monster’s turn and they have a monster (uncharged) at 50TU. You have the next monster at 60TU (10 TU behind theirs). In the reinforcements they have something fast like a Megalodragon or infernicorn. You know that if you kill the opponents 50TU monster, the reinforcement is certainly going to enter the field and take the next turn. This is obviously bad news for you. How to avoid this? SKIP! The chances are the opponent will just skip back. If they don’t, their monster is uncharged so can’t do much harm. Either way, now you can still take something out, but because you skipped, your next monster is now only 10TU away and will get a turn before the incoming monster. GOOD

  3. Thinking time. Got an enemy uncharged monster next. Big decision to make? Skip at around 25 seconds on the timer, enemy will probably skip back and you can enjoy the extra thinking time. If they don’t skip, it’s not an issue because the monster is uncharged anyway. GOOD

  4. This one has mixed views from the community, but some players will allow the timer to run out, because it’s a better option than having a move to make. For example an uncharged Angel against a sleeping team. Purify all or AoE are not an option and if the retribution isn’t charged and the bloodfury is unusable then objectively, letting the timer run is the best option. No comment.

Specific Monster/ Move tips

Fast strike. An easy example of how skipping can get you within 50TU of your opponents monsters.

Bulbie. They got an incoming Mal? 320 seconds of stun is not enough to get the big boom you want. But guess what, they used a 200TU move. Let the timer go and get Bulbie to the end of the queue, behind the 200 TU monster.

Team turn. If you run a frontline Mecha, I bet you have your Mecha’s speed as high as it can be. Why? Let it go last. That way (if it’s safe) you can shield and skip. If all the opponents monsters have made a turn, they’re all likely to be over 50 TU away. They’ll either skip back, or take a turn but your Mecha is shielded anyway and you can now Team turn without risking the whole 130TU because you had to use Give Turn. Use with caution.

Poison tick. There are some occasions where a monster can be shielded and poisoned and you need the poison tick to take it away. If the next enemy monster is uncharged, a skip is an easy way to do this, allowing you to attack and unshielded monster. Obviously you can skip to kill 1hp poisoned monsters too and save yourself an attack, whilst also setting back the incoming monster on their TU as per my entrance control point.

Survivor, 400 megabomb etc. Use skip to get your monsters who have moves with time restrictions over the line. Example. If you have used a Gallio’s 250TU stun flash, it’s Gallios turn again and the next mon is 50 TU away, it’s usually better to skip rather than use an uncharged double survivor taking you back 130TU. Now your Gallio will be charged quicker.

Hope you guys find at least one of these tips useful.


Great Tipps. I’d like to add that skipping is also useful to not let the TU gap between your own become too large. For example you have a charged sweeper, your next monster is 60 secs away and then your other two are more than 100 secs away. You can get the kill now but it’s very likely that your opponent will have three turns in a row from that point on. That’s not something you want to allow. So you skip to keep your other monsters on low TU for the next incoming enemy monster


Yeah I second that. Skipping to line up your attacks so you can kill the newly entering monsters before they get a turn is high level play and very important to keep control of a battle. Often the situation calls for immediate action and you just have to use your attack move, but where you can line up your next move to be not too long after that’s better for keeping control. It’s especially important if you’re killing 2-4 monsters at a time because you don’t know what might be entering the battlefield.

P.S. I’ve moved this thread into the “Guides and Tutorials” section of the forum.