Razoray can't one shoot angelion with laser blast??

Two Times my razoray can’t one shoot angelion with laserblast at PVP but dusycyon with higher defense with HG always die against my razoray. Is this a bug? I always can one shoot angelion before but why no this time? Screenshot_2020-12-11-11-11-42-28_1bf244a8f99430127e675c0d635b1865|690x310

Unlucky. Damage varies a little with RNG. Another example would be Gyomurai 1 shotting Oak or Dusicyon, which doesn’t always happen. I guess Angelion and Dusicyon have just enough HP that sometimes they can barely survive the hit.


It’s exactly how @Exu said: consider that moves that ignore defences have considerable damage fluctuation.

Gyomurai’s Overconfident Strike deals 3900-4700 damage without elemental modifiers. That’s a wide range! If it was narrower (say, 4200-4400) then monsters like Dusicyon (4128 HP) would get one-shot 100% of the time and it would too powerful. The damage variation makes Dusicyon a bit riskier to use, which is fine.

The important thing to note is laser blast (and all moves that do piercing damage) ignore the enemy’s defence. All that matters is the enemy’s health. Hence, there’s very little difference between Dusicyon and Angelion for piercing attacks. Angelion = 4068HP, Dusicyon = 4128HP.

I have the game closed now so I can’t check, but laserblast is a piercing damage attack right? In this case defense or HG don’t matter, HP is the only important thing. Is it possible that he has a low attack multiplier with only one charge and that angelion has more HP than dusy?
(Again, my game is closed now so I can’t check those details)

this takes me back to the RNG thread we once had.

Lemme do the math and show you why it didnt 1 shot



4128-4068 = 99999999999

get it now?


that’s some heck of a math


Bruh you just committed underflow. Remember to always store the sign of the numbers you’re dealing with in their first bit of memory, as per the IEEE 754 standard. Otherwise you can’t work with negative quantities!

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