Angelion chrono killer


Does angelion get one shotted by the blue dragon chrono killer? If not, how much health does it have left and can it get one shotted by any uncharged move?

I don’t have angelion but wish I did. Right now my turtle is in my FL and if angelion ever comes out again, I’ll roll another 30 packs for it lol. But I’m strategizing to see if it makes sense to replace my turtle with angelion.

Theoretically speaking it would be perfect in my retribution setup for those who are familiar with my FL. Especially with the stun counter and the soul exchange to charge another retribution round. The raw bloodfury is also very powerful which argueably could be raw bloodcrave or thirst ¯_(ツ)_/¯ but that’s just cuz I think the monster outclasses most of not all monsters. Even a counter to malware :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Everything one shot angli expect sear


Thank you. The reason why I ask is because
My hellfox retribution, Zib retribution, and ice fang Assassinate can’t one shot angelion. I would’ve thought chrono would leave it in the red.

So counters would be

Blue dragon
Yellow dragon lol

Helped a lot thanks!


Uh my chromera doesnt 1 shot angelion nor raizen lol


Only Cyclozar consistently one-shots Angelion. Chromera has like 10% chance to do it or something (not exact numbers, just general feeling because it so rarely happens). Chromera leaves it on very low health so literally anything else will kill it.

No other chrono killer will one-shot Angelion. Searguard is far off.

As a general note on Angelion’s Soul Exchange… the monster it creates enters as the next monster gets a turn, so it often takes ages before it gets a turn. It’s a very situational move that is less good for PvP. I’d only recommend it for PvP if you definitely have spare cost or if the shell/box strategy makes a comeback (either the opponent giving you bad tokens or you’re able to create your own tokens which are good targets for sacrifice).


Thanks! In my case, I would soul exchange my zin since it usually is a sitting duck after double ret. charging my hellfox for another double ret and stunning enemy team. I could also eliminate my centaur if he can’t get a kill. So that’s good to know that it comes in super slow.




He always one shot my angli


I need y’all luck. My angli always get one shot


U must have the same weak ones I have


Lmao feelsbadman


U watch dequean?


It’s RNG bro :upside_down_face:
Only cyclo one shots my angelion, rest fail to kill it :ghost:


Same mine always dies


My Raizen never one shots it…


So what we can conclude here is that Angel is coded:

Have Angel => die to Chrono killer

Don’t have angel => cannot kill Angel with Chrono killer


And this concludes this thread .
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