Rare spawns less since new mission

I haven’t seen any frostjacks or nilo since new mission hit. Anyone else having same issue?

That shouldn’t happen. Maybe a wave of bad luck hit you? How long have you grinded after the new mission, and how long did you grind before?

Wave a bad luck did hit. Just went two hours of farming semi rare and not even one e.

I believe it’s only a matter of luck. Sometimes it takes quite a long time to find them, and sometimes you find them fairly quickly. Depends on the roll of the dice. It isn’t related to the mission.

its just bad luck, i’ve gone 3.5hrs without a uncommon spawn before

Yeah it is all luck I found my earth starter the second battle but spent a week grinding for sparky

Got two dragons but still no frost jack.

In before farming on the wrong spot

Oh, shoes; sorry, I had no idea how this escaped my notifications. I hope you got them by now, Icyfira.