I have gone south of Orlen but still haven’t found a Frostjack in about 30 attempts, am I doing something wrong?

It’s on the southernmost tip of the peninsula of Orlen.

Yeah I’m there, think I’m just seriously unlucky

Don’t worry, you’ll get it eventually.

I’ll lend you some of my luck…

…alright, there. Happy hunting! n.n

Like Tib said dont worry and be persistant, it will spawn, it just takes a while sometimes. 

Yeah, I found one in an hour or so. But don’t worry, I haven’t found a single starter or dragon, but frost jacks are way easier

Really?! An hour? Wow, they must have changed it. I found mine incredibly quickly…though that was a while ago…

I don’t think they changed it. The spawn rate is 4%, which is still fairly low.

Took 2 hours for me

I suddenly feel much luckier.

I’ve never farmed more than 5 minutes in my life.

Granted, they were all Es…

And yes, I am not counting Cherub, dragons, and starters. Cuz like…ewww.

Just found a second one, it fled instantly, I will battle on…

Actually it’s 2%

The devs changed it upon request, since someone convinced them that a 2% spawn rate was too low for something that sucked by itself and was only useful in fusion recipes.

Or at least that’s what another mod told me. I’m pretty sure he isn’t the one to go around spreading false information, but it won’t hurt to verify. :stuck_out_tongue:

I found 3 in 5 mins, one is A, D, C

Actually the spawn rate is 1.2%. Sometimes people find it fast, sometimes it takes a while. It’s all about probability. 

… Where did you get 1.2% from? :s

Where can you find the percentages for spawn rates? I think the low spawn chances are good in a way. Makes getting them easy. And the people who brag about finding everything quickly… Are full of nonsense. It took me many hours to find dragons and starters. And I only have 1 starter and 2 dragons.

@Illuvatarful: Language please. Kids use the forum too.

Everyone has different luck. Ashie took me three days, and bluey took me like a minute. The ones who have the spawn rates memorized are betas, and those who betas or admins told. Otherwise, I don’t think there is anywhere that the spawn rates are posted

well this is awk… ive found 10 in the past hour but all E class…smite me

edit: just found one D

Frostjack: 4%. Or 2%. Or 1.2%.

Nilo and Cherub: 2%.

Hatchlings and Starters: 0.5%.

Everything else is unknown for now. I guess.

Still not sure how Ashley got 1.2% though…