farm rares

how long does it take to get the farm rares?

 2,3,4 hours?

There is no specified time of getting a rare and also it depends on what kind of rare. Rares such as the 4 hatchlings or starters could take a few minutes if you are lucky or it could take days depending on how unlucky you are, but after 2000 battles apparently you are guarenteed a hatchling/starter. Hatchlings and starters have the same spawn rate of 1/200 or 0.5%.

As for the other kind of rares, there are frostjack, levi, Nilo, etc. They have a 1/80 chance of spawn or 1.25% if you work better with percents. They usually come faster than the hatchlings and starters, but they usually will not appear right away when you start farming.

You have to be patient while farming any of these rares. And Good Luck trying to farm if that is what you are doing! I hope this helped somewhat!


thanks have you some farm rares

Look in lachzeers thread , ull Find rares there but some of them Will take time!