Epic fail

You know you are tired when you accidentally kill a frost jack after 15 minutes of searching :’(

Frost jack has a spawn rate of 4%. By statistics, it should reappear after 25 battles. Don’t give up! :slight_smile:

Killing a hatchling will be much more painful…

15 mins? Then u got lucky lol, keep searching !

I didnt realise frostjack was so rare lol i got 5 early on in game. Evolved 3 and kept two for recipes.

Moved to Hunter Island section, as this is about Hunter Island :).

What more painful than accidentally killing a hatchling or starter, i searching for hrs then having the 97% rate fail. ugh that pissed me off sooo much, but luckily while i was raging (about 2 min) found another one and was lovin life :slight_smile: haha

Nothing makes me rage more in HI than seeing Angelon on the wheel and mistiming it, nothing! 

Dont time lol thats no fun…

And Angelon isnt really a big deal tough …

Are you kidding me? Angelon is like the rarest ark on the wheel, I see one maybe once every 30 min. Well, I’m not timing anymore since I’m flying out tomorrow for a while so I’ll be too busy and I’m sure the next update will hit soon. I’ve just been obsessed with getting an S Angelon because of how hard it is to spot it on the wheel and how relatively rare it is. 

She aint rare on the wheel lol theres a cycle for 8 star and above. And if you go on a badluck streak spinning then the 8 star+ numbers on wheel goes up. And commons go down in numbers. Giving you a better chance