When does the beta get released??

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When Apple get their servers straight. They got hacked a while back and they are still sorting it out. Beta will only be for a selected few, but it will hopefully be announced next week. The H.I. team are ready.

Apples servers will likely be back on by the end of next week but we have no solid information regarding the subject…

The servers are having issues and the developers are even more frustrated than we are.

I’m noticing a pattern where everytime they go to release something, something happens at apple where something goes wrong.

Clearly, Apple thinks the game is too awesome and wants them to tone it down XD

Gosh, when you put it that way it all makes sense!

I have a ticking conspiracy coming upon me…

Oh god I’m scared…

I wonder how many…cores…the Apple servers are running. I wonder if they still run McIntosh…

On topic though, this is getting pretty damn intensely exciting! :slight_smile:

Well their server room probably looks something like this… If not bigger.

IMO, apple dev portal’s servers are way smaller than that

He didn’t specify dev servers only, that would include everything apple like updates, apps, music, dev servers, and everything else.
So that’s probably a good depiction of their server room.

Wow, really? You didn’t pick up on the two Apple puns? Like, the fruit has cores, and McIntosh is a family of Apples? haha

My english is not good enough to detect such advanced puns : (


Kilted cobra I give the thy crown of pun. Please pun all who deserve

I have “reached my quote for positive votes for today” but let it be known that I like this comment :slight_smile:

Back to the real topic though, on a scale of 1-10, how excited are we to see the game go into beta?


Really? Is that it? 10/10? Pfff, I’d say I’m a solid Fen out of ten.

I should clarify this by telling you that “fen” is a point between fifteen and ten, which is totally a real thing, apparently.

I have no number

Only chimichangas and a chair made out of plastic explosives.

What do you have?