Beta Testers Chosen?


I was just wondering if the beta testers had already been chosen, as there is now a locked forum topic listed in the forum.

As I haven’t heard back if testers were chosen or not, I was just wondering what the status of the beta testers selection is.


Beta testers are currently in the process of choosing. The reason for the delay is because the apple developer forums have been hacked. Please be patient and the beta testers should be chosen around mid next month :slight_smile:

Oh OK, I just saw the locked thread and I was like “oh man, I guess I didn’t get it!”, but thanks for the heads up, I know the whole Apple hacking thing kinda threw a wrench in the gears for your beta timeline.

So looking forward to this game, I’m loving the monster design (especially the phoenix one)!

I know right

I hope apple can get the servers up hahaha I kinda want to see who gets picked haha


I dunno, there’s been a lot of activity in that new beta tester zone today…

several have been chosen.

Gasp! The chosen ones! haha

I believe they are still looking for a few more but I can’t be certain

How many have been chosen?

I’m not certain.  Not everyone has posted yet or set up the game.

What do you mean by posted yet, do you mean on the beta test forum?

They haven’t posted on the Beta test forum.  Which means they are playing the games or haven’t downloaded the game yet.

Gotcha :wink: Well I don’t see beta testing as the be all and end all, there is plenty to be done to build the community and make the forum a happy and welcoming place :smiley:

I’d be lying if I said I wouldn’t be a tad bit gutted if I wasn’t chosen but, if we’re honest, so would everyone, it’s a fun experience and we’re all anxious to get our hands on the game haha

Well I would love to beta test too and I already know quite a bit about the previous games code but for some reason I doubt I’ll get picked… But I certainly will stay on the forums long after game release.

To be honest the whole form for seeing where or not people have experience with beta testing seams kinda pointless
The only people that will ever tell you hay there is a bug are the ones who are active on the forms and not some guy with two posts who some how was selected so for lack of a better phrase to describe this I believe because of the lack of common sense that went into beta tester selection I predict that Hunter Island will be in beta for a LONG LONG TIME

As rude as that was I do not see point in giving beta to people with under 5 post either…

Relax guys.

They’re still working on builds and getting their beta testers together.

No need to get jumpy and angry.

More disappointed than angry.

So have they sent out all the tester invites?