hi guys, I noticed theres a new BETA locked forum, does this mean beta is out and testers have been selected?

Yes, that is correct.

Beta is beginning now, yes. And testers who were selected have been receiving messages. Whether all testers have been messaged yet or not is not known at this time.

awww, well that’s disapointing! :frowning: hope you guys (those who get it) enjoy!

Not sure if all testers have been chosen but the ones that have have recieved a PM telling them

its also possible that there will be future waves of testers chosen as well, that was the case in the HI beta

ok, i’ll keep my eyes open! 

I’m pretty sure they chosen all 20 by now

Apparently, they can get a lot more testers. The apple limit is way above what the devs are going for on beta. Ashley told me this on chat so, there could possibly be more waves.

I hope I get picked for the next beta test round or maybe I might be lucky to beta test this round if they hadn’t chose all 20 yet

I do believe this round was chosen. The notifications had been sent already. Though they might get more if anyone were to drop out, like I myself did.

If they are using Apple TestFlight for the beta (on iOs 8 and later) they can invite way more then 20 people to beta test (between 200 and 1000 if I remember well).

Limit is 500 for all platforms - Mac, iOS, Apple Watch combined. There may be other reasons they only want 20, though. One of those may be manageability.  However, I have no official knowledge on this matter and so this is only a guess. 

If it helps me to become a beta tester for the next round (if they do) or maybe this round if they didn’t choose all 20 I got a iPhone 5s with IOS 8.4 and IPad Mini with Retina Display with IOS 8.3 sorry couldn’t edit it on my beta application since they took it down (nvm just found the topic sorry about that)

Sorry to hate, but…

Robbie, you don’t need to repost your app. If the devs want you as a beta, they will get you from your app. Trust me, they read everyone’s app and picked from that. Reposting won’t help.

Why did you drop out?

Kitty’s iPod didn’t support the beta/game. At least that what I heard

Yeah well, it’s no biggie :P. You win some, you lose some I guess. I’ll just try to get beta for Cosmic Island or another game. At least me dropping out could’ve let one more person get picked and made their day :smiley:

True selflessness… :slight_smile:

I’m sorry I was just disappointed that I didn’t get picked