How did you found out about Hunter Island?

This topic is to see how you found out about this game , my answer to this is by old Geomon friends :slight_smile:

And how did u?

Dragon Island Blue.

Earlier when it was released I did my usual thing and when to App Store> Top Charts> Categories> Games> Role-Playing and there HI was  :stuck_out_tongue:

^ DIB loong ago. It was a very long impatient wait for this wonderful game lol.


Seems Geomon was a popular way to get to HI. I’ve never played so I couldn’t say for myself how it was haha!

My friend kept telling me to get the game but I kept saying no… But when he finally annoyed me enough, I downloaded it and loved it :stuck_out_tongue:

I also found out about Hunter Island through DIB. ^^

The app store

Yep! Geomon was great

Dragon Island Blue. Cannot remember how I found out about DI?

I played Dragon Island Blue and discovered Hunter Island through it. (I found Dragon Island on the top charts in the app store one day).

from geomon on fb in a group :slight_smile:

Found it in the App Store were i was searching for a New Game to Play :slight_smile:

Through DIB. Found DIB through random browsing of the app store

Through dib. Waited over a year for them to release it lol

Lol u had to wait a year? I feel sorry for u cuz i only waited for 2 months

Geomon, through our lovely friend here jemni.

I didn’t wait long in the beginning I was like, dude. It’s a dragon island blue copycat. And, I got bummed out by dragon island blue anyways so I stopped and haven’t played it since.

Never played DIB

I played Dragon Island blue when it first came out, and when they started advertising Hunter Island on the game is when I first heard about it.  It’s funny seeing the early released screenshots they posted and seeing how different how different the game design is in the actual release.