Question about Kattmmander

So, if I use bonus potion on him will his skills have even less TU after using Cat Zone?


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Thank you! I thought I wasted my potion there. +9 Kattmmander here I come!

nuuu dont pot kattmander to +9 its not worth it…

Yeah, temporary and permanent accelerations have always stacked with each other, whatever form the former takes.

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Cats are mysterious little creatures and always deadlier than you expect


well yeah they counter my frontline i don’t wanna see kattmander around anymore


Meh he’s definitely worth it
I’m loving him


Right! He has saved me from a lot of critical situations.

Good thing kattmander can’t one shot Gaia powered basher

Kattamander is totally trash if there is no shadow or holy monster.

He can charge himself tho
After+9 and using the ss
He takes
21+49+49 Tu to charge

What do you mean? He doesn’t only have Lightbane and Darkbane, he also has Neko Finisher.

He have to use lighbane,darkbane and Neko punch to charge Neko finisher.

@Tanbeer I know man. But in difficult time in pvp (like you have to kill orca , Geo ,polaboss or leo) he is not able to change the game because all know his ability how quickly he can charge.
I only focus that he is not a perfect game changer.

You do know its speed right?

Lol how is he trash then!
Yeah maybe not a perfect game changer but you gotta look out for him
He a Katt(com)mander

Katt may have to sit there uselessly for a bit if he doesn’t have a solid THIRD of monsterkind in general to pick on, but no matter what there’ll always be that looming threat of Neko finisher, which he can charge in as little as 120 TU. How is that any different from crescendo monsters in principle? Except his looming threat is far more immediate, and he has a solid chance of accomplishing something along the way.


Ik :slight_smile:
But I’ve used him in Frontline for a while
He has a lot of potential specially in the current meta
I’m sure u will find targets for Katt

Really. He can knock out nova, angelion , dusci, jaguar and so on! But the orca and geo kill my katta.
I only share my pvp experience. I think more plan can give him a right place.
In this scb, ther is only one holy monster (probably prismaryx). In pve there are many teams without holy and shadow monster. In such time darkbane and lightbane is not one shot.
Which fl do you use guy for him?

I used Katt in FL with a stealthbane, disrupter and that auto Taunt mythic