Katmander worse legend in game

Katmander has to be the worse legend in the game it’s main gimmic is light bane and shadow bane sad thing is it don’t hit anyone for good damage it’s moves barely tickle those it’s good against it really should do good damage to light and shadow legends as it entails not do less damage then a uncharged bloodthirst


Either half it’s tu or double the damage


For comparison, Captain whiskers even with 300 Tu restriction is better than Kattmander,
Neko barrage or cannon is so good ,.

Increasing the damage of light/dark bane would help!!


More like Kattmanderp


Or Can’t-mander!

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The cat will get buff for sure.
And it will be great again!

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hey dev get buff for the skele too

Skeleviathan will get its buff too.
But it won’t be significant as the cat.

Gloreonix as well deserves a slight buff

How bout secret skills for Omegas and his autopoison bros?

Any chance you will buff some of the first ones? Atrahasis would prefer you gave him bloodthirst rather than blood crave. Or at the very least give him more Health and Defense…Oh and Lunalord + sunlord are just too slow to be relevant.

Bloodcrave is perfect on atrahasis (and overall better then bloodthirst)…

Bloodcrave is way way better for atra

Because it triggers after 1 kill as opposed to 2? I guess I was just thinking in terms of PVE. I’m a newbie BTW:) I’ve just had better results using my bloodthirst monster in Garcia’s hords event.

Anyway ignore my suggestion!

Ok ok!

All good mate. Yes, at PVE bloodthirst is better as it doesnt reflect damage. But if we are talking speed wise:

  1. Bloodcrave need 1 kill. Atra can swift canibalaize (50 tu) and start killing, as he also has HG and he heal himself - its very hard to counter.
  2. Bloodcrave is 100 tu and bloodthirst 130. This difference is alot.
  3. Sometimes you wanna kill your self with bloodcrave to avoid enemy killing is and charging blood moves, or avoid revenges (like mirror, etc).

So there are alot of upsides to bloodcrave in pvp. For pve he is better for necro buffed enemies, so he is not useless in there too. :slight_smile:

Atra is allarounder

@Dev_VKC Can you buff every legendary monster in my monster list too? Thanks!


Awesome info thanks!