The new monster

What is everyone’s take on Kattmmander?


Cool secret skill. Otherwise it’s an SE that’s cost 13 team points.

Devs should’ve named the Secret Skill “Pu$$y Zone”



Light/Dark bane should definitely be 70TU. It takes too long to charge and doesn’t do much damage in the meantime. The secret skill is cool and Neko Finisher is great but they’re not enough to save it.

When I see one of these I’m definitely going to leave it alive for a while before killing/disabling it in some way. Only stealthy entrance and no support moves other than one-time use accelerate… this monster has practically nothing to offer, just gives an advantage to the opponent for a while before they do anything they like to be rid of it.


I see the cat puns rubbed of on ya!

Anyway, doesn’t he 1-shot black and white monsters? If so he seems pretty good.

He can’t even one shot shadowrym (lowest health & defence among all the legendary) without using cat zone but it is understandable, one shooting at 99 speed would be quite op

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Then he doesn’t seem that strong yeah.

i got him and probably will never use him…
i tot @Dev_BRD display picture monster will at least be something good lol
i prefer the other cat with 5* that will be rewarded at UC later

I would like to point out that while it doesn’t necessarily one shot, it doesn’t need to in order to be effective.

The sweeping move is dependent on just using the moves. You can use them on whatever you want, whether or not they actually do critical.

Neko punch is reusable, so you have a what is it, 26 second HG killer? Basically a finishing snap. So you can slaughter stuff with finisher and the punch, It works out okay with cat zone I feel.

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Neko Punch is great. With Cat Zone it deals ~700-800 against unbuffed opponents, every ~22s (with a few pots). It’s a redeeming factor but not enough to make the monster brilliant. I personally don’t think this monster has enough to offer. It’s almost similar to crescendo monsters in a way but less tanky and no support.

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Kong is better then it in every way

Obviously you guys are talking pvp. Don’t forget he can be very good in hordes or whales.

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i dont see him being any good at hordes.
high level hordes with lot of death revenge can completely shut him
no hg, no heal

You are right about high level, however he can help you get there quicker :stuck_out_tongue:

For hordes you need 1 of 2 things:

  1. Fast AOE team (mainly for the lower levels). Things like assisted attacks, terror’s poison masscare, etc… things that kill a bunch of monsters at 1 turn
  2. A controlable team (mainly for the higher levels). You will need a lot of support (shiva is the best for it), and kill them slow and steady.

The cat doesnt fit to neither of them.

As for whales - you will use him in the fire team i guess (as he is fire type). While climbing up - you will meet mainly fire type monsters. What is he going to do with dark/light bane at there?

He is a monster best fits to pvp, thats how he built. But he isnt great at it

What if you pair cat with shiva? In hordes Shiva will sweep at 50 sec max and cat at about 50 sec when he is set up. It could be an alternative to AoE sweeping.

In Whales, regardless if the monsters you meet are Dark or Light, if you hit them with the skills, you set him up fairly quickly, and then he pounds the damage. You don’t want to use light/Dark bane anyways when you have neko finisher active…

The bottom line is we will see how he performs in the future but what ppl in the forum often do, they label a monster ‘good’ or ‘bad’ or ‘OP’ before it has even been put to the test properly.

It takes aout 250 tu to charge his finisher which is alot, and a single DR can kill him and waste this time.

And about playing him with shiva - i cant see why. Shiva mainly play together with other HG monsters, and better if they have a healing move (oak, aegis, atra, etc). So many options out there that fit perfect with him. The cat doesnt fit, so yea he got a low tu moves - but thats all. Shiva will give him no benifits.

I was trying to come up with a strategy that could make him usable. There are better options with shiva but the time it takes for cat to charge his crit is comparable to crescendo strike. Plus he can deal more damage at an earlier stage to light and dark enemies than shiva IF they are on the field. I agree, quite situational and he lacks something, maybe hold ground would be enough. And his skill set makes him a sort of maverick, not a team player.

Secret Skill idea: Neko Donkey Punch