PVP: Use Your Favorites Based On Their Design!

I’m TIRED of seeing OMs used ALL THE TIME in this Game in PVP. I would really like to know what players are thinking when they see my team of NON-OM

“OMG… Not an OM in sight… Easy Pickings!”


“Dude, This Guy Is Weak! Must Be A Newbie!”


“What A Rare Team Of Non-OMs. And S Ranks Too!”


“Lameos. HAHA. LOLS.” (For the vocabulary challenged)

So why not do this???

Make a restriction of Stars in PVP!

150 star restriction max

Additional Rules:

1 12* Monsters

2 11+* Monsters

3 10+* Monsters

Unlimited Other

Not for PvP in general. But I think there should be specific separate types of leagues, each with specific rules like that. The problem of course is the lack of players. I think the developers want to pursue ideas like this, but need a lot more players.

If i see a bunch of low star non-OM arks; I actually get more alert because a lot of times its then followed by stunners, and those are followed by STEGA : KAMI : CHARC : CYBERWURM : and sometimes TERRORFISH thrown in. So it can give you a false sense of security; so you let your guard down and say, “Easy win. I’ll just not waste my time and AoE everything.”… wrong … you just fell right into a trap.

So I’ll just try to make the most best most objective move no matter what…its a good habit to get into so as to avoid this type of predicament.