New OM system

Here’s my idea: having leagues for the OM just like PvP. Every time you complete the event and you get the Arkadion you advance to the next league, you go back one league every time you don’t get the reward for the third time in a row.
The difference between the leagues will be the amount of rewards available: novice will have 1000, veteran 100 and expert 50, or as many as you want, you get the idea. Also the ranking could be different with the expert having S rank Arkafions then A and B.
What do you think?

Edit: yes, Arkafions. They’re the long forgotten cousins of the well known Arkadions

aside from having different rank arkafions<— lol 

It seems like a good idea.

This is the Same as THE pvp rule but Also a good idea!

I think it would keep a balanced reward distribution, giving the true “hardcore” players what they deserve while still helping those who struggle to get to the end before the others