Matchmaking is a joke

I don’t know how I got into tier I am in at the moment but I’m sure I don’t belong there, I fight against people with awakened myths and five 9+ Legends. Teams with Bloom, Cent, Magma and all the other S Tier Legends. I don’t stand any chance against them, I’m not a good player so I don’t understand why I get matched with these people.

Believe in yourself my boy


The thing is they expect to face some meta. You can surprise them because they’re not expecting to face the monsters you have. I’m not a top 100 player but I’ve beaten them because of this. Only very few players have a team that can counter pretty much anything and you will lose against them 9 times out of 10. My suggestion is, try to use some monsters that make an instant impact when entering and/or force your opponent to make hard decisions by having multiple threats on the field at the same time. Also, consider having some form of self kill because sometimes your monsters will become dead weight.

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Death revenge frontline

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Hell ya @NMEduck

The Problem is, I don’t have much that is an threat for the opponent as soon as it enters.

Death roulette my friend

I just annihilated someone in pvp with my hell mode team lmao.

After I killed half his team he knockbacked auro but my cosmodragon has switch friend :stuck_out_tongue: