PvP status update

Hey guys, just wanted to post some info on the PvP status. Ryan made some changes to PvP to fix the problem. Apparently, only Masters players were having the problem were we were not getting matched against each other. Other leagues were just playing fine.

A guy named Alphonse and myself helped Ryan tried a few things. Ryan did a few tweaks here and there. And as of now, PvP seems to work. I tested it after the fix, and I have been able to match with another player everytime. So, I think it should be working fine just like before.

In case, you still don’t get matched with someone, try restarting your phone/ipad. You shouldn’t have to (I didn’t do it), but do it, just in case.

Good luck everybody… See you in PvP!

It works!!! It works!!!
Dude five days away from random pvp and no one could give an explanation… Thanks eddster!!!

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It does work. Whoever just beat my full team of 2-4 star newbie monsters, enjoy the free diamonds :P.

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Good to know its working again! Thanks again eddster and alphonse for helping out with the process!

Fixed my issue as well, thanks!

where is the expert league ?!?!?!?!!?
when i lose 3 times on master league it send me back to veteran .

There’s no Expert League anymore, Dev’s got rid of it.

Really nice, now we can do higher winstreak with the fusion of master/expert league ! Good point.

We were experiencing a problem with people not being able to get matched (myself included).

Other leagues were fine (matching-wise). So, the masters league was really the league that was removed.

So now,
before = now
rookie = rookie
veteran = veteran
expert and masters = masters

I am so glad ryan fixed this. Ever since PVP has been working better than ever. Now I have also only been playing for 3 or so weeks it might have been better before but since I have been playing it is amazing. 

Actually, in terms of how quickly we are getting matched now… I’d say it is the same if not faster than before!

So I just beat a guy with more than half my team left and it said I lost. Is this a bug that is gonna be fixed soon? After that happened I stopped playing and immediately came here to let you guys know. I am not playing until this bug is fixed. Might aswell start up a pro team of 2.5 star arkadians.

It’s been reported dozens of times.

There is a search feature at the upper-righthand side of the forums to search for these kind of things. :wink:

Wait, there was a problem?!

Kidding. Great work, everybody! See you all in Masters!

Im in veteran rank and with lv 70 akradion i really think that it was very promising that there are ranks soo biginers doesnt get cought in a hell of alot of losing i was very happy they put that sort of system i also liked how u game more diamonds each rank up soo its easier what i didnt like its very hard but to be fair it isnt if i tried alot

The punctuation gods must really dislike you.

In all fairness, though, that’s the point of the ranking system. Also, all arkadions are level 75 in PvP, regardless of their level outside of it.

Been a while since i played. Had a few goes in pvp and im happy to see all the new players and alot less using that wretched stago char combo lol.

Not many stego/char abusers around. I regularly only face two… jooky and a japanese guy.

So… If there’s no expert league anymore, is there any way to get more diamonds? I mean a jump from rewards at 25,000 and 100,000 on 500 diamonds per win would take 150 battles? And that’s assuming you win all of them. Maybe I’m PvPing for the wrong reasons haha