Nobody in PVP?

So I wanted to pvp yesterday but I found nobody I tought okay lets try it tomorrow, but I tried it now several times after each other but I cant find anyone ?

Is this normal when ur in Master League or ?

I don’t think that’s normal.

Ash can I invite u to see if I can fight friends or cant fight anyone?

When i run into dry spells, I’ll restart the app and I usually start finding folks.

Done this a few times:P

Sure you can invite me.

Well that worked… So Its not that my PVP isn’t working right?

And ash I wanted to give u a win back.

It worked even though you disconnected :). But that could be… lots of PvP bugs.

It said that I disconnected? I got the message that u disconnected haha… well imma keep trying to find someone then ! Thanks for ur help guys