PVP Bug?

So im having a little trouble getting onto the pvp. It was working fine till yesterday however, when I click the fight option now it goes to the search for a match screen for a split second then throws me out completely. If i try again it says “too soo. Wait for a bit then try again.” Is anyone else experiencing this? Also any suggestions?

Maybe indeed a bug or force quit ur app! Dont delete the app !

Already tried force qutting. No good

I am and I fix this by - force closing the app an restarting it - it may try and sign you into Game Center after this. Let it then try PvP again. If it continues, click to the home screen on your device and then go back to the app :slight_smile: hope tho helps!

If all else fails sign out of GC and log back in :slight_smile:

It worked! Guess all i had to do was sign out of gc. Thanks chrisie

Any time :slight_smile:

This is happening to me as of just now and I can’t seem to fix it at all??? :confused:

Just gotta be patient and wait for the update

That’s really the best advice I can give you

Dopefiend have you tried to sign out of gamecenter and back in while having the game forceclosed? if you have not please do so

Didn’t work :frowning:

I still can’t find a player when I search for one in rookie league. Been trying about 3 weeks

ive tried signing out of gamecenter and forcequitting the app… i can seem to fix it… when i press it it just does nothing and brings me back to game. help please!