PvP Rewards Update!

Hey trainers,

Rewards have been updated for Season 10 PvP Battle Arena!
We not only include a 6 Star Ticket but also greatly reduce the amount of RPs and wins required for rewards (You can check them in Reward List of PvP page).
Don’t miss out this great chance!



Why where the rank rewards reduced ?


Many thanks to the devs for reducing the RP point reduction, this ought to make PvP less stressful for the players.


This change has given me more motivation and positive vibes about the whole game in general. Thank you very much Devs for this update. 150 wins was pretty insane for Max rewards. I remember mentioning to reduce it to 120 wins for Max rewards months ago.
Awesome change. We can have our lives back and not get completely burned out.
I didn’t mind 60k for RP but 40k is amazing rewards!
And adding 1 ticket is reasonable :+1:
All up a great update.
I’m not going to get effected much by the reduction in ranking rewards as I don’t make top 10 in PvP.:grin:


Less grind equivalent to less ranking rewards

Only 10 gems less for rank 1, it shouldn’t be a problem

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Damn this is very nice


@Zardecil get on it and add more toys to your new collection

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Love it! The time commitment was simply too big each month.

@Mr.X All ranking rewards look the same except 1st and 2nd have 10 and 5 fewer gems. Tbh those rewards are still great and they’re a little more in line with UC ranking rewards now.

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Awesome, now I need to up my win rate of 7% :wink: I’m in the wrong PVP bracket. It must be great to play against me, you are guaranteed points​:ok_hand:t3:

Great! Now I JUST need to learn to build a PvP team that doesn’t get destroyed every time I play! I always feel like I get matched with someone who has an amazing selection of pvp friendly mons.

Join line & I’ll help you with team building

Thank you, I really appreciate that. Are there instructions on joining line here in the forums?

Thank you for the communication. You are the hope I was waiting for :+1::+1::+1: keep it up VKC

I completely agree with you @Saitama
150 wins was for me as well a big grind. It’s a bit more time friendly for busy people now :slight_smile:

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You playing neo monsters again :joy::ok_hand:

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Yea :joy:, couldn’t stay away for long time,

Bdw motor was no1 in 5th used monster season 9 PvP report.
I know it doesn’t matter but just giving you info ,

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Just install line app, make an I’d & message me your I’d,

I’ll invite you to lounge & we can talk team building

and whats the idea behind lowering rank 1 rewards and rank 2 what purpose does it serve to the game.

Lol no one now would have survived the old motor days back when it was a god

Guaranteed stun sleep lock :joy: only counter was full dr team

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Those where dark times