PvP Nerf Poll Preparations

So last month I made a nerf poll for the pvp season and it seemed to do pretty well. Lots of people voted on what monsters they wanted to see nerfed and the devs got to see which nerfs would be the most popular.

One flaw with the last poll was that there were a few suggestions I didn’t think of that weren’t included. This time I’ll start by giving a list of potential nerfs and you guys can talk about them and mention anything I didn’t already include. I’ll probably post the poll shortly after Ranked PvP ends.

  • Lemon - raise tu on SOLO Potent Sleep and rework Fairy’s Dust if possible (I swear if this isn’t the most popular nerf suggestion…)

  • Sakuralisk - increase the tu on RAW Hypnotize

  • Roaring Entrance - revert the roaring entrance buff that shifts the other monsters on the field back by 1 sec when the monster enters the field. The buff to roaring entrance was both lazy and unnecessary since it wasn’t actually bugged in the first place.

  • Shiny Spectrefox - give it the goldoid treatment i.e. reduce the odds of it being revived next in reinforcements

  • Padrinorca - Camoflauge → Camoflauge Entrance/Stealth + Shield Entrance (I forgot if there was a name for this passive)

  • Gorgodrake - 50tu moveset → 60tu moveset

  • Na’turgoul - 50tu moveset → 60tu moveset

  • Novadrake - 50tu moveset → 60tu moveset

  • Dual Slayerbane - 100tu → 130tu (targetting Suikenshi with Capybaragon and Prismaryx as collateral damage)

  • Suikenshi - increase the sec on Stealthbreak to either 130tu or 160tu in order to make it consistent with the other “break” moves

  • Moku - either a complete rework of the SS or decrease the stat buff from vaunt and flaunt to 50%

  • Cynthia - tu increase and/or something else

  • Leira - increase tu restriction on mermaid’s hex

Edit: I hope everyone’s teams get nerfed.


Also should I include a buff poll when I make the post with the completed nerf poll? I think that especially after the recent balange changes, there are quite a few monsters that could use a slight buff.


Don’t make more nerf polls. Or else u will get nerfed. Last time nerf ruined entire game. Mainly flocco. Make buff thread for such mons

I prefer camo entrance for padrinorca. Yes lemon should be nerfed to hell. Cynthia tu increase must. Also leave naturgoul it’s fine. The problem is nova and gorgo. LeirA idk what to say. She is op. Blocks raw . Roaring entrance and no weakness+high defence.

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Shiny fox is fine imo, reducing the chance of reviving is a buff instead of a nerf as most of the time it can be a deadweight so you need something like geo/atra a few spots behind just to clear it if needed.

Since you mentioned a lot about tu increment for some monsters, might as well add Bauble into the list. Never understand why its retribution is only 100tu while Angel/Cani is 130. I am sure that Bauble’s retribution is not as weak as the two I mentioned so why is it with a lower tu?

About the mythics, aside from Lemon and Leira, Cynthia is undoubtedly the most problematic one. I’m surprised by the damage Quick Draw does, it one shots most of the tanky legendaries (ex Dusicyon) and in just 42 secs which is even more insane than what orca did in the past.


That’s wrong, it is weaker simply because of stats, but why nerf him unnecessarily?? He’s a great monster but he’s nothing insane, just well built.


Seriously ? more nerf, I think this time I’ll just enjoy the show :popcorn::popcorn::popcorn::popcorn::popcorn::popcorn:

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Not sure about the damage output since I don’t have Bauble but haven’t seen it fails to one shot with retribution in PvP.

I agree that Bauble is not as insane as others but it is definitely among the very best (camo, high speed, field control) imo all the movesets should be standardized for fairness purposes. 30 tu is a huge difference in PvP where even 1 tu matters.

Guys if there is really a poll vote all the mythics (at least that is what I planning to do) #leave legendaries alone


It can’t kill a lots of monsters with retribution. Using him from a long time… . that’s why maybe he was given gaia power which boosts his balanced stats .
So don’t think basher is a problem that needs to be addressed

I agree with most of the things brought up in the original post. However…

Sakuralisk - Dreamcrush at 160TU brings it in line with the piercing killer moves which all got reduced from 200TU to 160TU recently (dreambreaker, etc.). 200TU is just super high and the lowered TU definitely isn’t a balance issue.

Gorgo/Natu/Nova/Kirina - I’d go one step further and say 70TU for their moves. 50TU is way too low, the negative passives just aren’t enough reason to make them so low.

Cynthia - My personal favourite way of altering her is change the mark passive to mark allies too and then change the retribution moves to be like poisoned burst but for mark.

Leira - I’d say put a proper time restriction on mermaid’s hex. 100s from first turn would probably be harsh to all those who spent money on it but the “100s from start of battle” literally doesn’t even matter. It should be 200s from start of battle, probably 250s.


If you are going to increase Nova’s tu to 70 then it should get back second wind
Na’turgoul is fine imo(I don’t own him)

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I actually don’t want over a third of these to happen I was just listing them


Ok mythics aside the only thing that needs severely nerfed is dual slayerbane. Good god that move is op. Ya least double ret is 160 or something. 100 is actually faster than single retribution! And does too much dmg. That and nova drake is utterly ridiculous. I do t even think 10s is enough. Maybe up to 100. I mean assisted aoe Being only 100s is still mental

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I agree with what you mentioned except for:

I start by saying I have yet to evolve S!Spectrefox: that said, I’ve never had problems with it in PvP. Moreover, I think a very powerful Stun Absorber is what this game needs. I’d say we need more monsters like S!Spectrefox, even.

Disagree, the RAW nerf was all that Padrinorca deserved. Now it’s just a very, very stronk killer monster and arguably the best legendary in the game, just not bullcrap OP anymore.

Na’turgoul is the only 50sec moveset monster you can actually easily kill, plus its passive makes it burn your Rockoid stash fast. I’d say he’s fine.

Maybe 100sec restriction from first turn for Mermaid’s Hex?

Also I’ve never thought of the Dual Slayerbane suggestion, but I like it


Especially when they actually follow through with nerfs and people get mad and threaten to quit

You think that Devs are that gullible? Really? Remember that they make the final decisions, not us on the forum. They have access to much more data than we have so a lot more grounds to take decisions. They filter our complaints all of the time as some are just salty rant like this. And usually they change something that literally no one was talking about earlier, like the completely unnecessary nerf to Valzareign’s double poison drain.

Yes, exactly what I too was thinking for Nova in one of the nerf threads previously! :slightly_smiling_face:

Why? Your +9 Nova would have 59 TU moves with 70 TU base moves. Doesn’t make a whole lot of difference?


In a Nova stun lock u literally can’t make a comeback(unless u got some luck with dreamy entrance or Deathgazer) bcz he sweeps at insanely low tu whichever ig is bad for game’s health so 60or70tu will make him balanced but without second wind he is just meh imo when he is posion he can’t do anything but die :sweat_smile:

Just list the monsters that need nerfs, if we start including how to nerf them we warp the results like last time’s Cynthia / Nefariodon.

As far as I’m concerned Orca, Lemon, and Nova are top priority. Leira is absolute cancer, but so far most people are yet to realize how to make her work, so not as important.

i honestly think leira is the one that need nerf the most, it can really change the game from the start
AND every monster with 50TU moves
even with whatever negative passives they had, it should be increased to 70