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may a dev explain me how pvp matchmaking works? This pvp seasons was a challange for me, not to stop playing neomonsters. As F2P player it is not easy to compete but top100 was never a problem. In this season I am feeling like beeing cannon fodder for the top20 players. Most of the matches were against much higher ranked players and not less against top20 players. For me a fair matchmaking should be within a percentage rage from your rating and if it is not possible then better no match as a frustrating defeat against a high rating player. And what is very sad and makes me angry is that 2 top players mocked me by artificially delaying the match by making stupid moves at the end.

So please @devs what are the rules for making pvp matches?

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If you are in the Champions bracket and play against the top players then you have to deal with it. The only solution to your problem would be placement based rating points system where you don’t lose 1k points every match. Instead you lose points based on current ratings and placement means you have a chance to climb up even if you lose to high ranked players but wins a
Against your opponents near to your placement

Thanks for your reply. For me it seems not working well or something is broken with V2.4.
During the non ranked part 1 season it was better and a match against top20 player was very very rare. On the other hand I also had not less matches against players were I had pity because beginner team giving me under 975 rating.

Ye I know that… But when they delay the match intentionally , I try to delay it as well and little do those pricks know it’s their time it is getting wasted !! Apparently ignorance is bliss !!
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