Does this make any sense????

Sometimes i feel match making is rlly weird.

It gave me opponent who had 20k rating points. (he is almost inside top 50 best ranked players)
While i only had 6k rating points and im only barely rank 500-600

Anyways, for my surprise i won this match.
Now my rank is something like 420 and 7k rating points.

Still feels very weird why it would match me versus best players who have almost 3x more rating points.
Just doesnt make any sense.

I got matched against a 0 points user once


In the competitive phase you get matched basically against anyone.

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I dont think it makes any sense.
If i have 6k rating points, it should match me versus players with 3 - 9k rating point players. (example)

And win against players with less rating would reward u less rating points and win against player with higher rating points would give u more rating points.

But it should not match u against guys who are already top 50 best players with 20k rating points.
It makes no sense.

Yes it does not make sense but try to understand players like NML smil , bvn03 lower account and many others players like this (many other players who does not pushed but plays for the mons) has the ability to defeat a lot of top players

You will gain massive rating points if you defeat them.