pvp is dead

Sometimes I think although It is a petty I don’t have a shadowstalker in my team but I can still manage to overcome it because I have omega, Geary and other good arks. I thought it is still ok even if I don’t have any of the egg only arks. I used to enjoy the fights so much because there were still quite many varieties in the pvp even at master league. But up until recently, I figured out I was wrong! I mean come on, even at the veteran league, you still meet those people with s ranked omega plus ShadowStalker plus veggie tiger plus mine spider plus many many rare arks WITH EVERY FREAKING TEAMS YOU ENCOUNTERED! I’m not saying I couldn’t win, even using the underdog low ranked arks I can still overturn the situation with strategy, I know that well enough and I REALLY do love this part of the game. But the problem is, I DONT WANT TO FIGHT THE SAME THING OVER AND OVER AGAIN! Apparently everybody have happened to get the same arks. I have to say I’m not a good egg timer, the best I get is a don penguini. So sometime I am REALLY CONFUSED how did everybody else get so lucky?! With my chance of aquring an egg only ark I would imagine to spend up to hundreds of dollars in order to have a team as almost 80% of teams are on the pvp. So I wonder how much did you spend guys? Also why would you stay at low rank leagues to bash up rookies? I have also spent hours to catch all of the good arks that can possibly to be catches within the game, but what I really get discouraged is, even with this effort I work my ass off hopefully to aquire a veggie tiger one day, now everybody are already having it on the pvp!!! My point is, with such big gap of unfairness&unequal opportunity, how could this game attract more players? I guess this is the reason why people are playing pvp less and less recently. Maybe soon I will also quit this game even though I once thought it had great potentials to play with…

The update should fix things.

Btw, Ashley, after attending the forum for a while, I have to say you guys are awesome! Thanks for the efforts to keep up with everybody!

Some of these people either hacked or timed eggs, they had no strategy at all, some even use kami now in pvp master. I believe this is one of the reasons why you even see them in rookie because normally they can’t even win against veteran expert & master because they have no strategy.

I fought someone last week that also uses kami, this person didn’t even know any anything about scramble & stun skin & claimed he got it legitimately. OR they were kicked down & bcause not many people in rookie, they couldn’t go up. Last possible reason is they built their team to good lineups before dare going into pvp. Seen these type of people.

But I trust you, everyone seems to be using these arks, well simply because they are the best for pvp.

Jasnology: with the new update, you know, the one that is eradicating egg timing? Well what I believe is going on is human nature at work. We covet more what is lessening. We are actually timing more since we know it’s going to be our last chance to do so. Who knows what’s going to happen with the new update, so why not milk the present situation? So I’m not a bit surprised if you see more players with exclusive arks.

everyone seems to have stego, charca, and minespider on pvp, I can understand your frustration. it’s not very fun to play these teams over and over again, however all those teams should be grouped together almost entirely in the masters league, So if you can’t find a way around the teams built around stegospike and minespider, you will probably be staying in veteran league most of the time. Veteran league should have more balanced teams. There should be no reason for anyone running such strong arks be stuck in rookie league. 

from what I’ve observed, buff-stego/minespider/shadowstalker teams seam to be popular now, at the moment I think it is the strongest strategic line up you can make for PVP, without resorting to stego/charca combo. SO it’s no surprise why everyone is trying to use the same team. However after the update when stego is balanced out, I think this will help, right now, Stego should be a 20 star ark and arguably the most powerful ark currently released. It can cripple an entire team with stun if it gets a bonus action during the match. :/