The milestone arks

The design of those arks in this game is excellent. I really love this game. However, there are a few arks are indeed milestones to distinguish the level of players. Like s ranked germknight, Don penguini, omegawyrm and so on.
Yet it is unfortunately some players start early some started late, so not all the arks are available, in some extent, this issue actually have caused unequal competitions in pvp. E.g. Most of hardcore players in master league have got ShadowStalker+Mossgolem(90% of times). And ShadowStalker was available around three months ago. It means most number of players who are comfortable in master league are those people who got the game before then, and the new players will most likely shift between master and expert league even if they farmed good arks too. So in this case, arks like ShadowStalker is separating players from hardcore to midcore.
Btw, I’m sure there will be better arks to come to fix the situation, it’s just my own thinking over the past few days of competing in master league. I have made the best arks I could possibly get, with a s rank team I also win around 80% depends on the time and players. But I can clearly feel the difference fighting a team with ShadowStalker and a team without it. Oh well, hope the update is coming soon :slight_smile:

Hey jasno, If you want I find a team who defeat Shadowstalker team like 9/10 times, I’m like you, I start this game at the goldenhorn OM so haven’t SS mossgolem chillqueen etc… But I do a pvp team who are really good in master ( most of the time I loose my winstreak against stego charc abusers If you’r interrested I can give you my team in private message (private message because I don’t want to start fighting the same line-up I found 1 week ago :smiley: )


will tbh about this, its actually that shadow is the overpowered one, and i would argue that he is the most powerfull online ark till now,

but soon enough the arks would be released, and the grounds should be equal for everyone

That would be wonderful! Thx~
Have I fought with you before? How did it go? XD

Shadow is really OP… His abilities are strategic and his defense really high… No weakness, lol he’s amazing… I started with goldenhorn too so i dont have most of powerful om arks that i fight in pvp, shadowstalker, moss golem chillqueen destructor gearwolf and so on… 80% times i have to fight these teams… All the same lol like im playing with the same guy like 10 times a day. I hope update will change these things, cause i dont think its smart creating 300 arks, and 80% of them are useless for pvp. Wtf?
Lol magmawyrm vengeance takes 300 damage to shadowstalker, when my entire team was killed. Thats really annoying .

I’d also be curious about this team.

There are many ways to defeat a team with shadowstalker but you would need eggs exclusive to help out.
Maybe its important not to focus so much on SS, but on the arks that might bring it to its full potential (chopperbug, chilliquen, mossgolem, etc), thats what I usually do.
Sometimes it stays alive almost the whole battle, but when there is no relevant support ark it becomes a lot less powerful.

I also dont have a shadowstalker and really find it to be an unbalanced ark, not really OP, but there is no effective mysticbane to bring it down easier.

Even barricadus can go down with only two metal slash attacks

And I agree to the fact that its really annoying that the arks from the previous season have yet tp be released. It creates a massive difference between new and old players.

Sad thing is that devs are not really giving any explanation and as a customer I feel that I have the right to know what and when things are going to happen.
There are several issues to be fixed and so far NOTHING has been done about it.

People that don’t have shadowstalker and other OM arks will be able to get them in 2025 when the devs release an update

I think shadowstalker can be counter pretty easily… A well placed mine spider could take it out along with the two other monsters on the field with relative ease! :slight_smile:


With a good strategy the opposing player won’t be able to stop you from boosting the Shadowstalker, meaning you then need at least 200TU (sometimes 300TU) before minespider will actually take out a healthy Shadowstalker. Unless you have a great strategy for keeping Minespider alive then it’s most likely going to get killed or need to detonate before then.

Shadowstalker is a big part of my strategy, and I’d say around 80% of the time I can keep it alive through a Minespider threat. 

Mine spider + felimancer rage mode and 100 tu = big boom :slight_smile:

SS is op and no… no current ark can counter SS. Not even minespider.

A user that knows how to use SS should win over a non-SS team… it should be an EASY win.

haha this is so un true.  keeping a mine spider alive isn’t very hard.  And shadowstalker is put at the beginning of the lineup so bring in mine spider after a stunner and it gets the first 100 TU easily.  And take out any support ark before shadowstalker becomes reinforced or bolstered.  Then shock as necccasary and then detonate.  Of course it will require some good favor on your part but honestly every strategy requires things to go your way!

That’s just effective against players who are somewhere like midcore, it doesn’t work every time either. But my point was not about how to take down ShadowStalker, I mean the presence of this ark defines a clear line between the good players and the elite players. We both player masters league a lot, so you would know what I’m talking about :slight_smile:

Partially I agree. Provided if both players are very experienced players, the one has a ShadowStalker will have higher chance of winning due to the uncertainty of BAs and timings. But one things is fact: the one who doesn’t have ShadowStalker will be more exhausted because he has to deal with situation with more uncertainty.

i guess i just strongly disagree with the statement because i don’t have shadowstalker and i was just on a 17 game win streak in masters earlier today.  And i would bet that a good chunk of all of the people i defeated had shadowstalker.  So i think it is more than a lucky chance to be able to beat it