Pvp cheaters making pvp impossible

Online pvp is pointless right now. There are already gold and max evolve hacks. I’m getting matched every time against a full line of dragons and best arks in game max evolved…In freakin ROOKIE class!! What the heaven?

What’s lame is these cheaters have basically cheated there way through the entire game instantly. They already have the best arks fully evolved and are just trolling pvp for diamond rewards that they don’t even need. Basically, just playing to be a jerk.


There arent all cheaters , stop complaning … And the rookie league doesnt mean there all rookies .

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Sure they aren’t…apparently EVERY SINGLE PLAYER in this game has spent thousands of dollars on gold eggs so they can roll every single S class…and then they’ve done nothing (including sleep) since the game came out a little over a week ago but grind 24/7 to max evolve all their S classes as well.

You know…or maybe those free/cheap gold and instant evolve hacks (no jailbreak required) are really prevalent.

Which one seems more plausible?

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The cheaters will be taken care of this week, so please be patient

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You are half right, I actually played half a day last few days maxing the few S ranks I have.Its pretty easy , basically take two all hitters plus you’re S rank , and farm the southwest tip of crescent island.You get 7k+ exp killing bite schools.

warning! They vary from 11groups -27 and they can drop even your strongest team if ur careless.

Thanks…that’s all I wanted to know. The acknowledgement alone is encouraging at least.

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You are able to get a few S ranks in game by completing quests in two cities fairly easily

Remember level has nothing to do with Pvp

Yes, I was giving a tip for getting Max evio’s quicker by farming that spot  :slight_smile:

I understand that but being matched repeatedly against a FULL LINEUP (not just one or two) of fully evolved S classes (not the weak ones you get from quests) tends to make one…just a “little” suspicious.

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Soo if thats the caseee i’m a dang cheater then like reallly ? Because all i have are S rank mosters , besides like 5 that are 3 A’s , 1 D and 1 B

Not all fully evolved line up is cheater, but if all monste in their line up is S ranked you could be suspicious, all my line up is fullyevoldved but most are ranked Eand D except for given ark and selecr few, like my gremknight, destructor, don penguini

If you want to learn my strategy facing the cheater, i am more than happy to share, my gc id: teukumuhammadkhaled

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I’m talking about actually good S ranked arks, rares and fusions not your muckity muck S grades. I’ve got those too.

Haha muckity muck , pvp me oxambivalenz add my game center , i’ll show u muckity muck S grades ill be waiting for the pvp request hurry nd add me so i can beat u with my muckity muck s grade team

Not worth it. You wouldn’t stand a chance against my S grade Sanders. :stuck_out_tongue:

I have to agree, I was killed ten times in a row, Dx

I’m pretty sure that my yetigo can take you on.

Hes just a trash talker bro

I’m not sure if you got the joke or not but I said you wouldn’t stand a chance against my Sanders…which can pretty much be 1-hit by anything.

Now now ladies