PvP Battle Arena v2.0

Yes. Its should be more easy then get 85 win.

The idea for tier system is help new player claim all reward . But it gone wrong.

My friend in Vixen league meet duck (grand champion).

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except for legendary pots (and losing streaks which the devs have promised to lessen so we can ignore that). We now get 2 (3 if you have paid gems) instead of 4

Finishing legendary bonds requires a lot of pots (i need 700+) so I don’t understand why they decrease pots, better yet why decrease rare gems? This was a bad decision overall imo


You know, you are one of the people I respect the most on the forum, but it bothers me that you say things like this. Everyone in the game has the same right to win, whether they are newbies or not. I don’t like arrogance and pride, those who think that because they are an old player, have a large collection or put a lot of money into the game, they have more right to win and to be heard. That the others. You are a forum moderator, I don’t think you expressed yourself in the correct way. Each and every player has the same right.

Thanks for the kind words!

What I wanted to convey was that this game has a certain learning curve. As a beginner you run into obstacles. Your team simply isn’t strong enough to beat most events. In those cases you need to gain experience, hatch new monsters and learn, which will allow you to progress.

Normally PvP ranks work in a way that the best players occupy the best ranks. I didn’t know whether the purpose of this event was that everyone could become a grand champion and collect all rewards? Even a player that has started a week ago? If that was the intention, it didn’t quite work properly, but it’s hard to design a PvP event that way as it also depends on the skill of the player.

So is it really expected that a total beginner can compete this event? I think it’s normal that a certain learning curve exists which is of course steeper against real players compared to AI.

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Looking from this approach of course you are right. Thank you for your kind response, that sounded like the exu I know. Of course, it is normal that it is more difficult for new players, experience and skill are gained over time and this new pvp system has made it more difficult for newbies. But as VKC said that will change next season. Thank you again, you have my respects brother.

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I think Mr X said it somewhere on the forum that the frequent release of so many mythic monsters is unhealthy, I’ll agree on that @Dev_VKC