Puzzle Arena Master Solution 6/26/19 to 7/2/19

Puzzle arena master solution:

1: Use poison storm followed by pair poison eater on Tygoron and Blossomight

2: Use protector conversion on Flutterdrake Lotus

3: Use rebuild on Pupupa. Skip The Rockoid’s turn and use petrify on blossomight

4: Use Throwmaggedon

5: Use protect teammates on the summoned protector

6: Earth Metamorphosis on Pupupa and then double catapult on Shivadragon and Blossomight
(Hopefully it kills the Shivadragon)

7: Use ally substitute on Marksmoth

Note: There will likely be some slight variations in your endgame versus mine. Fortunately, an endgame plan should be pretty easy to figure out beyond this point. If you want to see my endgame, I have listed that below

8: Use double catapult against Shivadragon and a Sanguimymph

9: Pray to god the Infernicorn’s double piercing blow doesn’t hit your marks moth

10: Use double catapult as necessary to kill Infernicorn and Sanguimymph

11: Use flaming moth on Novemdomnia

Note: The endgame may slightly vary even if you follow the above steps. You might need to try multiple times or even use your own plan if this happens (fortunately, it should easy to determine your endgame plan.) Hope this helps!

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Superman that hoe


Doesn’t work. Cant exactly tell where because this entire battle is such complicated garbage, but there is no dramega, and you never account for the y ddraig goch. Problem is there are never enough rockoids at the end of your team to catapult at the end.

the key is to make the rockoid survive, therefore you need to kill tygo. Just make sure you keep the sanguinymphs on the field and kill everything else.

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You can just use the moth for more rocks, then add more by ally substitute the moth

The Y Driag Goch will use piercing blow on the green mythic monster and another monster and thus kill itself from recoil. Also, I basically laid out all the skills you were supposed to use when it was your turn, in order.

Yep, from marksmoth entrance

And if a turn isn’t mentioned, just skip it?

I’ll have to look into that. Others can feel free to help though. You can try to experiment as well and post anything you think I may have not put here

I used another strat to clear that, killed tygo last

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There will likely be some variation in the endgame. I admit I missed the Y Driag Goch part in mine, but I think it should be pretty easy to figure out an endgame plan based after the marksmoth ally substitute part.

The mons you killed at the start varied from kine

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Main concern for mine is Y Draig Goch (still despise it now). So i tried to keep Nagada alive in time for conversion. So for my part, i’m Ally sub the naga to get extra camo.

Step 3: it is better to use petrify on Draco. Let blossomight poison your Pupupa. It doesn’t matter.
Step 5: let the protector aoe to get rid of hg’d blossomight.