Trial of Thunder

Can someone either post a winning lineup for master or some strategy advice. I can’t make it any further than the last 4 beasts with either of the below lineups. Thanks!
See attached for the Iineups.

You should use your cryowyrm with other 3 water monsters so it’s assisted attack gets stronger. Use a couple of stun bomb gmonsters so you can take advantage of its timestrike.
Having a few monsters with give turn also helps getting your legendaries some extra turns.

Forget about using. Rhinobrawl and puffoxin will be able to clear a couple of monsters from the enemy’s lineup.

For the friend monster you should probably get Omega or Tiamat for their auto poison and poison eating or maybe another cryowyrm so you have an extra water monster.

Omega or Tiamat for friend monster. Water gets destroyed pretty quickly. My first attempt I went in with a team that was half storm and half water I almost beat it lol but the water half got destroyed obviously.

I don’t havy any legendaries except for Omega, but from what I’ve tried from friend monsters, Omega and Tiamat are absolute beasts.

If by whatever reason mine gets killed quickly I’m done. If there are 16 monsters, Omega probably takes 10+ out in a scenario where everything works well for me. Super Epic with Protector/sleep killer also helps a lot.

Other legendaries are good too, but most of them won’t survive long enough for you to explore their skills. At least that’s my experience anyway.

Thanks for the advice. I tried it again and still failed. That stupid $&@&img penguin at the end one shot killed a full health Tiamat. That’s just ridiculous. The developers need to dial back stupid hits like that a little. Also from your advice selecting Cryoworm as my import monster has been a terrible mistake. It’s SOOOO useless.

Cryowyrm has its moments of greatness. Surround it with water monsters. There are some monsters that I can’t find any way of incorporating into a solid team but Cryowyrm is not one of those monsters. It’s not too helpful against a full on storm element team but try it against other elements and it’s not bad.

I somewhat get your point Edward. It’s just not as useful as some of the other possible import monsters. Monsters with poison eater seem to have a huge advantage.

The great advantage of auto poison/poison eaters is because you get to kill the monsters with hold ground.

I agree. An enemy like The Godfeather in the expert mission is indeed way too strong and has life flip, hold ground and pretty much one hits your whole team (including Legendaries).

I did finally manage to beat Master using your combined strategies and Tiamat. The biggest keys are tons of poison killer moves, stuns bombs, Give turn monsters, and stun absorbers. Even so, I did not get the drop. I will more than likely just do the Expert level the rest of the way. Master is way too hard with the stupid Penguin in there.

For anyone curious about a lineup that can win (with only 1 legendary) see the image below. I used a 6 star Tiamat as my help.

Not true. Cryowyrm is great when around other water users, I frequently one shot all 4 monsters at once with mine. Omega and tiamad have fantastic 1v1 damage, but purify shuts him down, and protectors. Not using water monsters around him when he uses assisted moves is not a good idea, he gets a massive boost. I suggest getting an ultra evo dunkleon for him, and maybe mammut. You have pretty good looking water monsters, as well

Also stun revenge + create duplicate is great

Can you get duplicates in this event?  I am thinking about farming for the time reduction.

I got one flyther from rookie and one from expert league, but didnt get any since then. I know its too late but check this video out

Dragaia has a really good moveset.

I’m really curious why so many of you keep suggesting stacking a water team against that battle!!!  I literally made a team using the best strategy I could come up with using the strongest earth monsters I had and that did the job…to be clear that consisted of one super-epic (mechadino) and epics and below.

We weren’t recommending to stack water monsters. Well ewertonrodrigo was. Cryowyrm needs water allies for its move set to be effective that’s what I was trying to point out.