PS4 Vs. Xbox One: which one are you buying?

Which one are you buying?

I should also say “Why are you buying them?”

I have a gaming PC, no need for my to buy a few year old hardware.  Plus I don’t like the feel of a control I prefer the Keyboard.  

I like all the benefits like playstation plus and the exclusives.

The exclusives are the only reason I have a console; Sly cooper, the last of us, god of war and so on for the win!!

PS4 does have superior exclusives, do have to admit that.

I prefer gaming on mobile devices (such as an iPod Touch) or on a PC/Mac.

It always has! Sly cooper, rachet and clank, and spyro were my childhood!!

So do I, but it’s good to go all nostalgia every now and again!

Not necessarily.

At the moment, yes but once Titanfall comes, Oh lordy will I die a happy Deadpool

Well the thing is, Titanfall is on PC…so is it an Xbox exclusive…not really.

So ps4 still wins; Titanfall is a “Microsoft” exclusive… And kill zone… And destiny… On ps4 and infamous… And more and sony ftw…

Unfortunately I’ve never touched one, so that can be your cue to say, “So if you haven’t tried it, you shouldn’t know if you like PC gaming better!” but I also don’t have the money for it. And my friend doesn’t like playing video games, so… :smiley:

Who knows, someday I’ll try it.

Its all about dem exclusives…

To be honest, neither system is truly better than the other

they both pretty much have the same specs

They’ll have a majority of the same games

Probably about the only thing that Xbox stands a better chance with is the apps and Kinect, where as PS4 has more starting exclusives.

This fanboy war got stupid a long time ago…

Agreed, I just am more interested in PS4s exclusives than the Xbox.  Sense that is I really care about anyway.

I care more about the Xbox.

I fell in love with what the original did, and what came next

the playstation never really gave me anything

The only thing I would go out of my way to get would be Infamous

I may just get both, just because

My original 360 caught fire… i said never again.

And I respect your opinion/choice in what games are offered on each system,  I just happen not to share them. 

I’m glad we can be super polite about this instead of jumping down each others throats saying the other sucks etc.

I have always been a fan of my sony products, mostly the amazing childhood games that follow sony…