Android vs. Apple

Don’t go Fandroid on me now Deadpool…

I actually prefer Android over iOS

The only problem is the iPad is better than the other tablets I’ve played with

So its a double edged blade.

Darn… A Fandroid with an iPad… You are just like my mother…

Gotta have to agree with Deadpool.

Apple phones < Android phones
Apple tablets > Android tablets

Did you really move this and make me involved…? WHY DEADPOOL WHY!!!

I actually don’t own any of those devices, but I will go ahead and wish both sides good luck.


No, I just dislike feeding the machine

Apple is overrated and while it excels in some areas, in others it does not.

And yes, I made this a separate topic because I have a feeling this will drag out for awhile

It will definitely be an interesting discussion. I enjoy reading debates.

I like my phone to not feel like a piece of delicate equipment that i have to maintain, apple, in my opinion, is very user friendly, i have never not know what to do with it, but when i touch an android i always feel like its way to over complicated… My life is hard enough with out a phone to maintain like its my computer.

The reason you’re not confortable with Android’s UI is because all you have is Apple, so you’re so used to it that you won’t like anything else. Pretty sure this is how Android fans feel about Apple.



I prefer my Galaxy S3, All I got to say on this subject.

I will admit, Apple wins in the app market hands down

But that’s only because its one device with few varying screen sizes where as Android has so many different screen sizes, it makes things difficult at best.

I would just like to say, ease of use apple wins hands down, when I got my first iPod touch, I didn’t have to read the instructions, I just picked it up… And I knew… It was so simple… So perfectly designed to be used and useful; whereas I pick up an android and I am clue less… I feel as though I have to manage the thing… They make it far to over complicated… On top of that I am biased, I won’t lie, but it is because my mother had to go get the s4 and make me learn to use it so I could teach her. After learning to use the thing (a dreadful process) I discovered that things, so simple on apples end, required a bit of thought and doing. Me, being a coder and developed, I deal with enough over complicated crap on a daily than most people in a week; on more than one occasion I have had to do the IT’s job at my school… Now when you hand me a phone I have to manage like that, after years if being perfectly content and all knowing with my user friendly apple device… Well… I might just slap you…

I’m right behind you Shen.  I can understand what Deadpool is saying, maybe it’s because it’s what we’re used to.  I have to use an Android phone for work, and i’m like what the heck?  It takes forever to figure out how to do something.  

Course, I hate Windows too, and wish I could still do everything in Unix land where I grew up.  

I was a major fan of iOS but for the wrong reason: it was all I knew.

I violently upgraded from my ageing, crashing, slowly dying Nokia X2 to an Android smartphone and quickly realised the advantages. It was so much more functional, and customisable. I could make it work exactly how I wanted it and look exactly how I wanted it rather than being restricted to the somewhat restrictive, generic grid of iOS and so my preference of mobile OS came to be.

However, device-wise, Apple have some of the best performing hardware on the market (for now) albeit it incredibly overpriced. The reason for that may simply be down to optimization though. Everything is made in-house for specific hardware so they know exactly what resources they have to work with and can optimise everything to the best they can. Android phones however, are far more diverse. There are low-end, mid-range and high-end phones available but they all run the exact same OS so while it may run slow on low-end phones because of their lacking hardware, it may not run optimally on high-end phones which may be bottle necked to some degree because the OS simply isn’t optimised for that technology.

Lab other problem with it, is that I feel like I’m running a windows phone, it’s built for a miss lion different spec combos that it should be and far to over complicated for the outcome, yes apple does have some inferior hardware at times, yet still manages to pack the biggest punch of all. Do you know why? Because iOS is better that and operating system that names it’s relieves after junk food; ice creme sandwich, and jelly beans are my favorite to insult you fandroids with.

And the best thing about Apple is AUTOCORRECT.  LOOOOOOOL

**APPLE: 4


Okay, in all seriousness, let me vote.


  • Apple focuses on simplicity. Anyone can navigate around an iDevice because it’s extremely simple and accessible. At the same time, everything is organized. Even android or other phone users will find it easy to get used to.
  • Most better apps are in the Apple store. Take some games like Infinity Blade (and Geomon! ) and look them up in the Google Store. You won’t find it there. Apple has the clear win in this aspect.
  • Everything you’d like to do in your iDevice is literally about 2 clicks away. In other words, it’s fast and efficent. Say, a basic example would be surfing the web. Click on “new tab” and type whatever comes to mind. It’s that fast. Android is fast too, but apple wins by a little.


  • Apple products are generally more expensive than their competitors.
  • Android has some extra features Apple lacks. Even it’s a minor feature, it does matter. Apple is more simple, but android just has a lot. Fans generally say android has too much. And that’s why it’s so clustered up, while Apple remains easier to jump around from app to app.


  • Way more features than apple. There’s more things to do in Android.
  • Generally, Android has better service than Apple. It’s cheaper and easier to get an Android product repaired at a shop. With Apple, it’s a whole different story.
  • Android products are cheaper than Apple’s.
  • Android is more diverse than Apple in that their products come in all shapes and sizes. They’re not all the same. Android has Diversity. Apple has Simplicty.


  • The main drawback is that the extra features are sometimes the bad thing. Everything is so disorganized. It’s the opposite of what Apple does with its products.
  • Android generally has an inferior store with fewer apps and games avialable.
  • Apple is more customizable. There’s Apple Radio, in which you can play your favorite songs by category, artist or album and it’s absolutely free of charge. Apple has prettier and more organized ways of separating your apps. Apple has Siri, the significantly superior version of Samsung S Voice. Apple even has the option to sort folders inside folders!

Okay, my vote has to go to Apple. But keep in mind I’m not biased at all because I have an iPad and a Samsung Galaxy SII. These are just my opinions mixed with some facts.

on with the discussion