Favorite games?

Hey Hunters.  Here is your place where you can discuss your favorite games with out people, and it doesn’t have to be iOs games too!

If someone likes a game you might not like, don’t be rude to them.  Remember it’s okay to disagree, but it isn’t okay to be a jerk!

Lemme get this ball rolling; my personal favorite game has got to be Mass Effect 2.

Do not post spoilers to games   We don’t want to ruin anything do we? :stuck_out_tongue:

Geez, this one sure is awesome ! plus, Garrus is like the freaking batman in that one, and Legion is just so much fun : D ! Plus the french translation and voice acting is the best of the three games !

Personnaly my favorite one is Fallout New Vegas : the story is awesome, the gameplay is awesome, and the graphics are… ugly as hell, but happily there are mods to fix this : D

I heard at least on consoles that loading times could be like…5-10 minutes long ._.  However I haven’t gotten a chance to play it on my PC.  And dude…Legion is amazing!


the structural weakness joke made me laugh during at least 5 minutes !

And Fallout games should never be played on console : long loading times + no mods = fail :confused:

You Caesar’s Legion dog ! You’re no match to the Rangers ! All Hail the NCR !

Just like how consoles miss so much in Skyrim, no mods…not graphic changes…so sad…  oh man…That joke… xD

Actually I’m getting an RGH Xbox which CAN run pc mods. And no, THE NCR WILL DIE

Also Kat I think swearing is against forum rules.

Nice edit xD

What swearings :3 ?

The NCR kicked your ass once and shall do it again !

I really hope the next Mass Effect won’t be on the First Contact War, because that would be boring as heck…

Bioware teased at a Mass effect styled MMO…but know how SWTOR did… kinda worried.

XD Yeah, too bad I have a MEMORY XD Haha, but consoles aren’t too bad. RGH’s can run mods at least. And pc’s, well, they’re nice but good gaming ones are EXPENSIVE. And I’m BROKE. (Maybe because instead of going to work right now I’m browsing this forum posting, but oh well.)

PCs also get the better graphics. :3 but consoles are good too.

The Legion will put down you weak NCR mutts! You weaklings rely on *Scoffs* Guns and Medicine. Weak men!!!

My PC has the worst graphics card known to man. So, no, not all of them. I’ll gladly switch to pc if you buy me one.

HAAA NOOO I haz little to know money right now XD

And that’s why the crisis is not resolved yet in Europe : because you’re sitting here instead of working : P

For me Bioware is over : their last games were gigantics fail, they lost important members of their development teams, the foundators of the studio themselves left. Right now, i’m looking toward Cloud Imperium and Obsidian

Mass Effect 3 was great…except the last 15 minutes…

So, my menial slave job sorting DVD’s in a warehouse in Texas will resolve the crisis in Europe?