Not really a complaint, more of a suggestion. 

Usually when I buy a game, I will pay what I think it’s worth (usually with in-app purchases). The nice thing about this game is you get a lot of free in-game currency, plus the game is very well made and very cheap for £0.69 - so worth supporting!

During play, I thought that as I get a lot of in-game currency free, I’d waste the odd 100 gold capturing rares or buying an egg, thinking I could spend a little later to bump up my balance if I needed it. I think the game is worth me paying about £10 on top of the purchase price (considering what I pay for Xbox games). This buys 1700 gold coins. This translates to buying 5 gold eggs and a couple of guaranteed captures. I hate to say it, but it’s not good value for money at all. The gold eggs by and large give you Arkadions you already have and the guaranteed captures aren’t really that important. 

I would like to spend about £10 but I don’t think I would pay for it at current rates for so little return. I don’t know if that’s the thinking of a lot of other users, but I thought I’d put in my two cents in case you’re losing out to any more potential customers. 

If you make paying give too good of a return, then that gives far too large of an advantage for people who overspend on the game and especially for cheaters who get gold for free. 

I’m not supportive of making pay to play even more worth it. Of course, money is definitely necessary. But I think you need to find the right balance between how much money made and how satisfied customers are.

Now, for some people, getting better things from eggs and gold would satisfy them. But what about the majority of people who don’t want to spend that much and have to look at those people who pays tons of money having a huge advantage?

I’m not sure buying gold eggs really does give you a huge advantage - in fact I think this game is pretty fair even with people paying. Most of the good monsters can be captured for free. I think spending just cuts down the grinding time i.e. occasionally getting a good gold egg monster or a guaranteed capture. Personally, if I spend £10, I’d probably want a good 15 eggs as most of them will just be arkadions I already have anyway. 

If you are practically guaranteed to get really powerful monsters from gold eggs, then people can essentially have an amazing team 5 minutes into playing the game for the first time. Is that right?

Shouldn’t you have to work to get an amazing team? 

I’m not saying you should get a powerful monster every time you open an egg, I think the system works well as it is. I should also say I’m not personally looking to buy an amazing team either - I’ve already completed the game and buying before completion defeats the point for me.

What I am saying is that if I am looking to put some money into the game (which I think the game deserves) I would want more than 5 eggs from £10 as the current system makes getting a good monster quite a rare thing. Out of the ~10 gold eggs I opened for free, I think I got one arkadion I didn’t already have. 

Ah, you’re saying you want to make the gold eggs less expensive. That’s not quite as bad as what I was thinking you meant!

Yes, I wasn’t meaning people should be able to just buy all the strongest monsters at the beginning (or end!), just that if I want to put some money into the game, I don’t think ~£2 per egg is good value when by and large the result will be something you already have; it’s a bit of a waste of money. If I spend, I want something tangible as a result. 

It is a better system than DIB when you were guaranteed monsters you didn’t already have. It just gives the odd rare that you might want or need. 

I think this is a good, i’ve opened a good 20 or more eggs from my own wallet and received nothing but ark’s i already have. After i was like well, that was alot of money for not many chances.

So yes personaly i think egg’s should be atleast half the price they are currently.

Well, I have to say, they need SOMETHING other than the money you pay for HI to help fund their game.

Kook, he is talking about money other then buying the game, he just wants a little more for his buck.

I agree with that; I just read something yesterday and it made me say that, but I don’t know what I was thinking since I can’t find it again. Sorry for the possible misunderstanding. ^^;

Yeah. To be honest, I think it’s just the egg price. The 100 gold capture is fair as you don’t use it very often. I just don’t feel like I want to pay ~£2 for a gold egg when it’s more than likely I won’t receive anything I haven’t already got. At least if I got more eggs and still didn’t get anything, it won’t feel like such a waste. 

I think 6-8+ free gold eggs (the 2000 gold you get from the storyline + the gold you get from bazaar + the gold you get from arena) and the gold eggs you get in missions are a lot of free gold eggs, so maybe they thought having a higher price would perhaps compensate for all the freebies they gave out?

There are a lot of free eggs - can’t complain at that! But even still, all that does is serve to show me it’s not very likely you will get anything from an egg so ~£2 is going to be wasted every time. 

fever on average returns a lot of gold to the player so we cant lower the price, if we do it will be possible to farm gold during fever. how but we try increasing the odds of a fever temporarily? which will lower the real cost of the egg and more chance to win something good.   

Sorry if this question seems stupid but what is fever ? 

It’s not stupid, don’t worry.

Fever is for gold eggs. When in fever mode you get increased chances of getting rares and a 5k gold jackpot.

I like that idea admin, more chances for fever would be lovely. It should apply to “bought gold” though. As in after you buy gold you get a boost timer for fever.

I got fever once, but I spent all my gold trying to get it. It was horrible…

I liked the half price eggs with a capped amount you did for thanksgiving (I think with a slightly higher chance of fever too). That’s the sort of thing I would spend for.