I don’t know but after I beat the game, I noticed there are hardly ways to get gold. With the release of the “One million download eggs” I was dissapointed to only be able to buy one. Maybe, can you extend the arena or something or set it to reset se there are easier ways to earn gold?

Storm, Gold isnt meant to be an unlimited resource. Gold is how the developer makes money, if they made gold earnable in game, they would either need to raise the app price to compensate, likely making it too expensive for mass distribution, or they would go bankrupt and we would get no more of these awesome games and updates for the existing games. Is it a great system? no because gold and golden eggs are honestly necessary to be competitive in PVP this early in the game, but it is a necessary evil to keep the app cheap and accessible to the masses.

Sorry it means you dont get to participate in the event eggs.

I’m sure one gold egg doesn’t take 2.5k something gold? Because that’s about how much gold you get for free during the storyline. Isn’t that about $25 they’re giving out to those who can’t buy gold? That 2.5k wasn’t including PvP by the way. Not sure if it includes the bazaar offers, but if it does, that’s still a lot of gold.