Gold Coin Purchase

Hello, I saw the Christmas sale so I went ahead and bought the 1150 gold coin pack (10$, I need 750 for the 5 eggs) I entered my details and the payment got accepted but I didn’t get the gold so I tried to click the 1150 gc pack again and it said download in progress so I waited but didn’t receive anything, to my dismay during the wait I bought an egg and omg the one time I hit fever I don’t have any more gc because of the purchase so I went to buy the pack again because I managed to hit fever and I just got the prompt for the $10 and it took the $10 but again no gold coins!! Gonna lose my fever :frowning:

What Christmas sale? Its a 1 million app purchase celebration sale

It takes time till you recieve the gold.

Sorry the 1 million sale, yeah but I still didn’t receive it

Received the gold, nevermind

First time i ever bought gold it took a day Before i got it but all the times after that i got it right away

Yeah hopefully it will be instant from now on , hate to lose my chance with fever eggs

I spent 50 euros yesterday on golden eggs and I had to feed everything so its better for u to learn how to time ur eggs…

Spent over $200 and the best Arkadion I got was leviathan , I really hope there’s a new way to get rare Arks because honestly there’s a lot of crappy arks in each egg I buy at least in dragon island you had a good chance at receiving a rare but oh well , can’t complain