Gold card Prices

Just wanted some opinions on the gold card prices ?

I think they could be worth 50 gold instead of 100.

Granted they are a guarantee of capturing some arcs (for the stronger ones a gold cards isn’t at 100%at the start) I feel 100 can be a bit expensive.

However I understand that there is a reason for that price so I was curious as to some of your opinions on these prices  :

Why should they be 100 Gold ?

Would you think it better for them to be 50 Gold ? 

Right now 100 Gold is what you can by completing 2 missions with gold rewards or with an In App Purchase of (1.79€/2.40$)/2 -> 1.79€ or 2.40$ gets you two gold cards.

Really curious about other opinions :slight_smile:

PS : This is more of a debate than a suggestion so keep that in mind :smiley:

I put this in suggestions rather than general as it could become one depending on what the community says about it 

I never even used a gold card because they are so expensive but I would use one for something like a Skullrex (S) or a Starer (A).

In my view 50 Gold would be a bit too cheap though because Gold Card probably would be used a bit too often that way, reducing them to 75 Gold would not rise the use of them that much while making them less expensive.

I think that would lead to players keeping more of their gold while not really changing the feeling of the game.  

My financee playes, and the only way she has the patience to get the semi-rare and rare monsters is down to gold cards, all her gold goes on monsters- she doesn’t ever buy eggs- it’s allowed a very casual player to get a half decent team and not just quit playing the game out of frustration- there is enough gold given out in-game for that to work- I think they’ve got it right :slight_smile:

 I do the exact same thing !

You get around 2 500 Gold by the story without the PvP witch allows catching 25 arcs easily ! That is quite enough !

However if you buy gold eggs with that gold or just buy gold a gold card is valued at 0.90€ and 1.25$. That’s part of where I wanted to hear some other opinions on the story :slight_smile:

Really happy the opinions on this are diverse and all civil ! :smiley: keep them coming !

I think it’s fine as it is. I like the challenge of getting an arkadion down, and then seeing if I have any luck. Of course, the gold is a backup if I really, really, really want it. And it’s cheap, in my opinion - like you said, about 25 arkadions with a gold card. That’s enough for me!

Whats a gold card?

When you want to capture an Arcadion you have three options “bronze” card witch is inexpensive but not too reliable ; silver card witch costs more silver but is more reliable and finally the gold card witch has 100% capture on most Arcadions but costs 100 Gold.

eh never really use the gold card except for arks that like to kill themselves ( i. e. cherub) lol

I Think 100 is ok i guess cause you really don’t need the gold card that much

This is all very interesting :smiley:

I mostly use them on the rare/uncommon monsters as just finding them is enough of a challenge although in the case of some of the uncommon monsters I’ll reserve the gold for S class monsters

Price is fine for me. Not very often you use them. 

I wouldn’t complain if it was lowered but I’m certainly happy with what it is now

At the moment I do think quite the same ! 

Since I’m still on the free gold that is given I don’t mind 

But I do know that if I purchase any gold then I’ll find them very expensive because of how much gold you get from the In App Purchases… So by comparing to what they would cost in real life money it would make you think twice I think :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyways thanks again for all the opinions :smiley: This really is interesting to see how everyone uses these cards ! :slight_smile:

Someone chose last option for the prices :blink:

Awesome :stuck_out_tongue: