A banner for me ?

Okay now I just want to ask somebody a favour…

I want a banner, Iknow I have one but that one is from Geomon and needs to be replaced with one from HI.

I like dark colours and the most rare Arkadions so that would be the 12 stars and the OM mission arkadions so far…

Can someone help me out with a banner?

It would be a great Christmas present as well.


Ask sly or pred they do awesome banners!
Id post request on there pages or pm them if you want

I said I would make him a banner, however I’ve been busy with life and school and I told him a long time ago.  I feel super guilty about this and plan on getting to his and the others really soon.  Sorry Jeanette for the wait.

Oh yeah , I actually forgot about you as well :stuck_out_tongue:

If you give me an idea of what you might want i can help maybe 

I like dark coulours,12 star arkadions and astroleon and the wyrms

Lol jean, way to not be fair to the weaker arks =(


tried making one, if you like it you can use it.


Dang lyrux can you make me one?
Thats Uh-mazing!

Im so sorry Jjchen ( Lyrux ) But im not a fan of ur artwork! 

U should keep going with ur art tough to become even better but im sorry i dont like it.

I need something to do in my downtime when I’m not studying so I’ll give this a shot for you tomorrow :wink: I like to go clean and minimal (see my avatar for example of minimal).

Lyrux, your artwork is great, I just think Jeannette was trying to say it’s not her…ahem… his style :wink:

Yeah, I really like your banner jjchen.

  1. Thankyou I aprreciate it
  2. Indeed its not my style
  3. Replace her with him
  4. u just read 3 and felt bad
  5. I forgive u

Haha, I’m sure I don’t know what you mean! Me? Make a mistake? Nope!

How about this? Stuck to your dark colour preferences and high rank rare monsters theme. Didn’t take long so I don’t mind if it’s not what you are looking for :slight_smile:


Thankyou cobra! That is something I like :slight_smile:

Glad you like it Jeannette! :slight_smile:

Ofcourse I like it!