The Banner topic

As I now see alot of people asking for a banner i thought it would be easy to make a thread for everyone who wants a banner so if u want a banner then post it here and see if someone reacts on it

good idea jean :slight_smile:

Thanks haha , since I posted a banner for me thread a while ago and got one everybody is trying the same now haha so this would be ideal to not search ur banner for me thread and just find this one and look at all cool banners from other ppl

Great idea, well overdue! :slight_smile:

I would love a banner! I’d like to have Iceratops, Squireknight, Bluecub, and Octor if anyone did make me one :slight_smile:
There isn’t really any words I guess just putting Jordanokay would be fine lol

Thanks :slight_smile:

Haha it seems easier to this Kilted, there are ppl who make banners like you but ur art is just amazing

Uhh I guess I can try my hand on making banners? I just made the one in my signature. Would love some feedback on that one too hehe.

Has a god ray so I love it. God Rays is the one thing I want to learn how to manufacture in 3D and keep failing. :U

That was a reference of clarity. Galeshatter-  Seeing through the broken looking glass can be taken to mean a lot of different things :slight_smile:

I would like a banner i like more “royal” colors (advanced versions of basic colors such as instead of green, use mettalic green or emerald or for something like yellow use gold or bronze. Something fancier) so i would like a gold or silver banner with kind of a royal era look to it with good cat arks like glazio, iron heart, fire heart, cold heart, shadowstalker and shadow kit and meowzard or felimancer and the baby forms with my user name in it (kitty) thanks in advance :smiley:
And gale i think your banners look good, would you mind making me one?

Galeshatter its a ver cool banner! Love ur banner

kilted I sent u a pm recently can u mae me a banner plz? with omega, kami, shadow, cyro, and a angelon? plz it would be much appreciated. and maybe words that say Bgibbons101230 in big and Kamiwyrm101 in small?

Now go to your profile and click edit, and go to your signature and put it in.


how do you add pictures in the editor i can’t use the URL thing plz help