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another post inspired by Geomon

Hey everyone! I recently started to develop avatars of all kinds, and I don’t mean to be cocky or anything but they all have turned out to be really good! I’m willing to make avatars for everyone! Here’s what you should ask:

Name of character, person, etc: ______
Background: ______
Border (if any): ______
Any other info I should know: ______

All I ask in return are your thanks, there’s no need to give me anything :slight_smile:

Before I end the post let me show you what my “style” is (note that most of these have black borders but I can do all colors)

Tyrantrum Avatar

Zoroark Avatar

Palkia Avatar

Bulbasaur Avatar



I may have to use your services and update my avatar…

First of all Awesome Avatars and I mean awesome.
Also I like what your doing.
I hope you could please do my request
Background:Like what you did with other avatars
Border:ke what you did with other avatars
Other Info: I was wondering if you could make me a banner that has a blaziken signature like yours then have Fire around home in a pose that you think would be cool and the background what you think would be cool
P.S. If you could fulfill my request I would really appreciate it so if you could I was wondering if you could send it to my email
Last Thing If you think could do something cooler such as ideas with blaziken for banner or avatar please let me know

On it! Unfortunately i can’t send it to you by email. I’ll post it here once I’m finished.

Ok thanks Man I appreciate it.
Can you send it directly to me on my account.
Oh I forgot tell you my two favourite avatar designs are bullbasaur and palkia


Done! I hope you like it!

*Yeah, as to signature-making, I’m terrible at that. I asked someone else in another forum to make my signature. I’m sorry about that.

That’s awesome man.
I don’t see the signature.

Read the whole post.

Oops sorry and thank you

If you want I can make you a signature Mason, just let me know what you want on it and I will make it!

Ok thanks I want it to pop out do want u think.

Well, what characters do you want on there?  Any type of backgrounds you have in mind?  Same as what you wanted for your avatar?

I would like a banner that has blaziken maybe of it with him using overheat so fire around him or if you have a better Idea of situation/pose/look and somewhere it indicates like a shadow or picture in the distant of his mega evolution and I would like it to have a blaziken signature either like yours or zorroarks which ever you think would be the best I really appreciate it thanks. if you can’t do it that’s fine.

Alright man working on that right now.

Thank You So So Soooo Much.
I reeeeaaalllllly appreciate it.

Alright, do you want your name on the banner?  Also is there anything you want say on it, like a quote or whatever?


Here you go!

If there is anything you want me to change or add let me know. :3


That banner looks amazing…

Mind making me one when I figure out what my favorite monster is in HI?

Sure man.