Banner/Avatar Hunting

I’m looking for an awesome banner based on neo monsters.

I was hoping that someone (like KiltedCobra, who made Tiberius’ banner) would fix me up with one.

I’m almost a Grand Master Hunter, and this would be my first high ranked title in any forum (I barely post on forums, this one is the first one with 50+ posts)

I think a personal and global celebration is in order for my first 100+ post title on a forum, don’t you agree?

A little bit about me:

I like to stay in my room, and keep myself all to myself, rarely conversating with the outside world. In fact, I hate humans. I hate them with a passion. I even hate myself. We destroy the forests, the plants, the animals. Soon, I believe, we won’t have an “Earth” to call “Home”, because we destroyed it in the pursuit of “Happiness”!

However, I’m beginning to open up a bit. I found an interest I enjoy, Neo Monsters. I had no idea that playing hunter island would open up to me a world on the forums with the thing I hate most: humans. Perhaps there is hope for me after all. My counselor, whom I hate as well, tells me to not judge the world so harshly.

But I was born in the forest (sort of…), in a cabin, which was later torn down to build a small community. We were forced out of our home. I did not look back… I was infuriated. I do not wish to know who took my home from me… my home, my family, my forest friends. I loved them. I loved them all so much. Now they are gone. And I have litterally nothing but a little money from the government as compensation for my loss (social security, less paying than minimum wage). I was born on a reservation, in the forest. Now, I have nothing.

But this is beginning to change. I have been raised by a new family. A family that may be poor, but is very loving. However, I despise them, for they support the destruction of trees and the betterment of human happiness. I can’t blame them, most people do. Nevertheless, I despise them. I stayed in my room all the time. I laid on my bed, thinking about the olden days. I was fed on my bed. One day, I became ill. I still don’t know why and how I recovered. I then went to high school, and learned how to read and write. My teachers were very good. They taught me all the english I know. I continued onto college, but I didn’t qualify. I also don’t qualify for most jobs (I was born on a private, unclaimed non-indian reservation, which was not covered under the “US Citizen law”)

I thus stayed in my room. My foster mom then gave me an ipad. I started playing a few games on it, and then got interested in hunter island. After Hunter Island, I went on to Dragon Village 2, then onto Neo Monsters. I really enjoyed neo monsters, but had some concerns about gameplay and acquiring creatures. I thus went back online and began to chat about it.

Now I’m at 94 posts, a huge achievement, but when I hit 100, I feel like its going to be fabulous! I am now chatting with the world, where before, I hated humanity. I hope this is the start of something big. My first achievement after schooling. Isn’t it great? I feel like a million bucks! And I would like to celebrate it with a banner and avatar created! But I don’t have any money to spend on others to create it for me. All my social security goes towards paying the rent, food, and such. I just got 120 dollars as  a christmas gift from my parents for itunes. And that’s all I got, because they are poor.

My favorite creatures are:







Giraffe-Like Monster (Don’t know it’s name)

Camel-Like Monster (Don’t know it’s name)












Cloudtail (Don’t know it’s evolution)






They need to have a transparent background so I can put the next to each other in a custom background.

Yay! Good Gondracorn! I happy for you!

Thanks. Would you like an avatar too? I know it might not be the best one, but still, you could use one, my friend. How about it?

I like that. What is avatar? Thank you

An avatar is a picture that displays an account. My picture on the left is an avatar. An avatar usually serves to allow people to recognize who the person is by just looking at it. However, if that person changes his avatar on a regular bases, then this purpose is defeated.

I saw that you liked the bunny monster. I simply took a snapshot (Couldn’t get a decent transparent image) and cropped/resized it to fit the avatar standards! Here you go! Just click on the attachment and save to your computer.

I could make you a little animated pixel Sprite of a monster to put in your sig if you want, much like the ones in mine.

That would be nice, thanks!

Thanks, Gondy. But how to use Avatar?

Good question!

First, right click on the picture I provided, then click “Save image as…”

A box should pop up. On the left hand side, look for “This PC” or “PC”. Now look for “Pictures” underneath that (If you don’t see it, click ‘This PC’ twice, it should drop down a list of options). Click "Pictures.

Now in the left corner (larger than the right corner), you should see a folder (Sample Photos) and possibly some pictures. If you see this, you’ve followed the directions correctly.

Down on the white bar at the bottom of the box, type in a description that relates to the image you right clicked on earlier (for this, I would suggest typing in “Hunter Island Forum Avatar”). Then, on the box below and to the right of the white bar There should be 2 buttons: Save, and Cancel. Click save.

Now, let’s go on to uploading your avatar!

Go back to this website.

At the top of the entire page, your name should appear in a black bar. Click your name, then in the drop down box, click “My Profile”. Look for the “Edit my Profile” button in the new page that opens, which looks like a black square button with rounded edges. Click it. Now, look for the button that says “Change my photo”, located beside “Photo”. Click it.

A new box should appear. This is where you change your avatar. Make sure that the round circle beside the text “Use a custom photo” has a black dot in it. If it does not have a black dot in it, click that round circle; a black dot should appear.

Now click the button below that says “Choose file”

A similar box that appeared in the earlier section of steps should pop up. The location may have changed, though.

On the left hand side, look for “This PC” or “PC”. Now look for “Pictures” underneath that (If you don’t see it, click ‘This PC’ twice, it should drop down a list of options). Click "Pictures.

Now in the left corner (larger than the right corner), you should see a folder (Sample Photos), and your photo you’ve saved before. If you see these, you’ve followed the directions correctly.

Click the photo that has the bunny on it (or whatever photo you’ve saved). Then, on the bottom right of the box, click the “open” button (beside the ‘cancel’ button).

The two images should change. The image on the left is your current avatar, while the image on the right (smaller) is the uploaded avatar. By now, it should be finished. Click the black “Done” button at the bottom of the box to submit your avatar/photo.

Congrats! You have made your avatar!

stormfox_zpsdyxitbso.png havent animated it yet, but here is it so far.

I cannot get my avatar to show. I follow instructions carefully. The image is blank with a paper.

By the way, thanks Gondracorn for the personal english lessons. They really helped.

It’s quite easy to get an avatar and it shows something about you usually