Monsters in stealth should not be hit by entrance passives that effect multiple monsters

Ok, so I see Banedragon or Keeper Dragon next in line on my opponents team. So I use purifying stealth to prevent my monsters getting poisoned when they enter.

They enter the field and my monsters still get poisoned.


That passive targets multiple monsters. I shouldn’t get hit when in stealth. If it’s because it’s a passive and not a move that really doesn’t make sense. I can’t remember if it works this way for posion revenge as well.

My suggestion is to change the design. Stealth is stealth. Anything that targets multiple monsters should miss stealth or Camo monsters.

This has been bugging me for a long time.

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The stealth skill description does say “immune to active skills”. Does that also mean monsters in stealth or camo monsters should be immune to shock entrance?

Stealth should protect against shocking entrance as well. I think the game would be more balanced this way.

Protect from anything that targets multiple monsters. Passive or non passive.

“I misunderstood a rule”

“This is what rule says”

“My misunderstanding is better, please ‘fix’.”

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i want a camouflage monster with sneak attack :heart_eyes:


I said to change the “design” in my first post. I know it’s the design.

I think stealth would be a much stronger meta if they made it work this way. It would be a good improvement since stealth monsters dont really find themselves in many teams.

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I dont agree with this idea. stealth all would made shockers useless and also bane etc. Also it means revenges could become useless.

Purify all removes stealth :expressionless:that doesnt make any sense


Puffball’s passive is affected by camo/stealth


I dont get it why not. Purifying all is an active skill and hits all monsters.

Purify all does no damage and has i now stealth will vanish once its dino is touched by a single move or aoe and how purify can shout down stealth? Makes no sense at all

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I was gonna open a separate thread for that one. It’s so bad. Shouldn’t work that way.


Haze also removes stealth. Ironically, you can use stealth to remove stealth

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It should work like that. I know you are probably talking about angelion…but for example for soulstealer it would be huge nerf.

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I agree; also stealth ain’t bad it’s very very strong if you Got the right monsters also dusc with stealth is super op

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Removing poison from the enemy is still good for soul stealer and works with his design. Removing one counter to sleep is enough.

It’s becoming clearer that what effects stealth needs to be tweaked. Obvious inconsistencies. Some passives are effected by it others aren’t. For some weird reason stealth removes stealth as pointed out by Unown.

It think it needs a rework

It makes sense because original stealth is blocking aoe attack by enemy. (it does not cause any damage but still it is consider as attack and same goes for purify all)

I’m only weirded by the fact double layer of stealth becomes 0 layer. Purify all used to be 30 tu move. It becoming a 100 tu move is very harsh (but needed) so it doesn’t need any more tweaking