Possible redraft bug

So I got a legend draft of 3 legends not fully evolved (still seems pointless to me why we get this but whatever) anyway none of them was any use so I did a redraft and got all epics so redrafted again and got all epics again. Surely a redraft should guarantee you the same star as what it was before seeing as I’m pretty confident I’m not going to redraft on one stars and end up with legend draft

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Notice this as well. Really sucks if you go from nearly legendary to just epic.

This is not a bug.

If the monsters you are going to draft are the final form of Super Epic or Legendary, you will always get the same star of monsters when using Redraft.

In Draft event, there are some lucky draws, such as second form of Legendaries, Legendaries with secret skill unlocked, special Legendaries, etc.

So in your case, yes, you would lose the second form of the Legendary pick by using Redraft, but you may get them as well by using Redraft on Epic monsters(if you are lucky).

Making this clear in-game would be helpful.

Does this mean people could get unevolved legends before the first 6-star legend draft?